[Lexicog] Unusual Lexical Expressions

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There is a similar verb in Sochiapan Chinantec (Otomanguean, southern
Mexico).  In discussing this verb with a native speaker, he concurs that it
is used only in the context of eating, but insists that the focus is more on
the linking or joining of two edible items (e.g. tortilla with beans).with
the intention of eating them together.  He doesn't accept the primary
meaning of the verb is 'eat (two things together)', rather that it is 'link
two things together (to eat them)'


David Foris


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The concept of unusual lexical expressions referred to in the subject is
less a generalization of scientific value than a couple of annecdotes
revealing my cultural blinders, but here are a couple of unsual terms I
have encountered in lexical work.  There may be a typology or two lurking
here somewhere.

1) Verbs meaning 'to eat two things together', like meat and vegetables or
bread and jam.  This possiblity was pointed out to me by Allan Taylor, who
discovered it by accident in Blackfoot and later found it elsewhere, e.g.,
in the White Clay People language.  I have noticed a term for this in
Osage, too.

2) Quasi-classificatory terms for 'pet' and terms 'to possess something as
a pet' or 'to possess a living thing'.  This phenomenon - and I am afraid
I am not recalling the details outside of Siouan Winnebago - was
originally reported, as far as I know, by Wick Miller, based on
Uto-Aztecan and other Southwestern data.


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