[Lexicog] polysynthetic languages and dictionaries

Sean M. Burke sburke at CPAN.ORG
Thu May 27 00:15:29 UTC 2004

At 02:16 AM 2004-05-26, Antti Arppe wrote:
>[...]As a natural consequence, Finnish researchers among others have had
>to resort to various solutions, which combine a basic lexicon and a rule
>system, which can then be converted into a morphological analysis program.
>Probably one of the best known such approach is prof. Kimmo Koskenniemi's
>Two-Level Model which has in one extent or another been applied for
>applied to some one hundred languages, including Klingon.

In my experience, Kimmo's formalisms (last I looked) were way too
simplistic to handle anything with actually complex morphophonology.

Some years ago, I sketched out a heuristic-pruned search-space approach to
polysynthetic parsing to Dan Jurafsky, but I think his hard drive crashed
right after I sent it, so feh.

I keep meaning to momentarily lay aside my obligations in Perldom and my
particular language preservation projects long enough to bang out an
article on this.  But whenever I think about it, I run into a basic
problem: any language with messy enough morphology and morphophonolgy to
require this approach isn't simple enough to even sketch in an article just
as background to such a parser.
I could make up a toy rule system that would be simple enough to explain
but which would exhibit enough of the problematic situations to justify
this approach.  But I worry that a fictitious example-language would seem
silly to people who understand polysynthesis and implausibly bizarre to
people who don't.  Or am I just being to negative?  I could always just try
it and see.

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