[Lexicog] irreversible binominals

Filip Rudolf keiefar_66 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Feb 9 16:57:20 UTC 2006

John Roberts <dr_john_roberts at sil.org> wrote:     Dear Filip,
 Did you not see the response I gave to your message?
 I said, the article by Y. Malkiel "Studies in irreversible binominals" 
 Lingua 8, 113-60. (1959) has been reprinted in Y. Malkiel (1968) Essays on 
 Linguistic Themes. Oxford: Blackwell. This volume is available to purchase 
 from amazon.co.uk. There are 2 copies on offer for �43.56 each. However, if 
 you don't want to purchase this book you might try a university library. It 
 is available for loan from the School of Oriental and African Studies 
 library in London, for example.
 I also said that irreversible binominals are described and discussed in the 
 following works:
 Angus Maciver (1983) First Aid in English. Revised Edition. Glasgow: Gibson
 & Sons. p. 29. (called "Doubles")
 Angus Maciver (1986) The New First Aid in English. Revised Edition. Glasgow:
 Gibson & Sons. p. 119. (called "Doubles")
 Randolph Quirk, et. al. (1985) A Comprehensive Grammar of The English
 Language. London: Longman. pp. 971, 1487.
 D. A. Cruse (1986) Lexical Semantics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
 pp. 39-40, 47.
 Howard Jackson (2002) Lexicography. An Introduction. London: Routledge. pp.
 5, 86, 99.
 To access these works without purchasing them you might also try a 
 university library.
 John Roberts

Dear John,

Thank you very much. Yes, I've read your messages but didn't have time to answer until today. 
When I got you first msg I had already ordered Malkiel's Essays on Linguistic Themes on Amazon so I'll have my own copy (it was a rash decision as I wasn't sure the text I was looking for was actually there:). 
I'll try to locate the other sources.
Coming back to your question, I'm trying to compare the use of binominals in English and Polish. 
You might also be interested to at the following:

W. Sobkowiak (1993)."Unmarked-before-marked as a freezing principle". In Górska,E. (ed.). Images from cognitive scene. Kraków: Universitas. 137-153 [also revised version 1993 Language & Speech 36.4.393-414]
 Fenk-Oczlon,G. 1989.  "Word frequency and word order in freezes". 
 Linguistics 27.517-56.
 Landsberg,M. 1994. "On some principles of seralization underlying linguistic
 freezes". General Linguistics 34.1.1-43
 Landsberg,M. 1995. Syntactic iconicity and linguistic freezes: the human dimension. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
 Oden,G.C. & L.L.Lopes. 1981. "Preference for order in freezes". Linguistic
 Inquiry 12.4.673-9.
 Szpyra,J. 1983. "Semantic and phonological constraints on conjunct ordering
 in English and Polish". Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny 30.1.33-53.


Filip Rudolf

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