[Lexicog] archaic entries

Andrew Dalby akdalby at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 11 13:12:37 UTC 2006

--- In lexicographylist at yahoogroups.com, phil cash cash <pasxapu at ...>
> thanks Filip, Jimm, I was also hoping to know who was making the  
> judgement of a term being 'archaic' - the lexicographer or the  
> speaker consultant(s) or speech community.
> qo'c (later),
> Phil Cash Cash
It has to be the lexicographer making the judgment -- as the
lexicographer has to judge whether to include a word at all. The
purpose of making the judgment is the same as the purpose of
publishing the dictionary: to give information about the lexicon to
people who don't have the knowledge yet. If you can help them by
indicating currency/non-currency, historical implications, etc., you
are doing some good. But, yes, as later postings say, preferably
define your technical terms!



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