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Thanks very much.  I actually have the 10th ed. (2001).  I am spoiled by the little Collins Webster's.

I'm curious to see what future dictionaries might do.

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Howdy, Pat,

Re your question, Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary used to include
their own long-standing re-spelling system, which was designed in part to
hide regional differences, so people who pronounced key words differently
could still find their own pronunciation as a key. Somewhere after the 9th
edition they introduced a modified phonemic transcription, using \ \ lines
to enclose the pronunciation. So if you don't have to have the 'very latest'
'NEW' 1,000 words (computer jargon, 'app', 'ninja', etc.), and can find an
older M-W dictionary, you'll have what you are looking for.

Merry Christmas,

Rudy Troike
Department of English
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona


Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:50 pm        (PST)

Are there any print dictionaries on the college level that use a
non-phonetic, non-IPA, pronunciation guide, sometimes called "respelled
pronunciation."  I have the Collins Webster's Dictionary (paper, 2003, 2007),
but it is not college-level.

I know that there are some "radio" or TV broadcasters' pronunciation guides,
and Iowa Public Radio has a guide online, but these emphasize people
and places and music and are not comprehensive.  I also understand that
Cambridge (UK) and Oxford have published pronunciation guides although the
format may be IPA--but I am interested in American English.

Thank you.

Pat Petow

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