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I succeeded downloading WeSay software but failed when installation in my pc. I followed even though I followed the required procedure. Hope someone could help me.



Hanjabam Surmangol Sharma

Department of Linguistics

Manipur University, Canchipur

Imphal 795 003 MANIPUR

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I would recommend FieldWorks and WeSay. Both
are free. They work together and can share files. They support long distance
collaboration via the internet, a local area network, or sharing files by thumb
drive. Both have an active users group that will answer questions. Both have
been released for a number of years and are stable, but both are still under
development. So the programmers can add new features if you need them. Both
programs support Indic and other non-Roman scripts. Both programs are being
developed by SIL International. 


FieldWorks is designed for linguists with a
basic knowledge of linguistics and computers. It has extensive help files that
explain details of lexicography and how to use the program. It also supports
the development of a text corpus and the interlinearization of texts. It was
primarily designed to help develop a dictionary and parser for minority languages
that don’t have a lot of documentation. It is based on a great deal of
experience from lexicographers and consultants from around the world. It has
powerful data entry, editing, formatting, and printing tools. 


WeSay is designed for non-linguists without
any knowledge of linguistics or computers. It has a very simple user interface.
It needs input from a project leader who is more knowledgeable about
lexicography and computers, and who can set up the project and supervise it. But
the setup and management is relatively easy. It was designed for situations in
which a language community wants to develop a dictionary using speakers of the
language to gather the basic data, including words, glosses, definitions, and
example sentences. So it was designed to run on low power, inexpensive machines
that can be taken to a village setting. 


You can download FieldWorks here: 




You can download WeSay here: 




Let me know if you have any questions. 

Ron Moe 


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  Dear All,


  I plan to begin an online Manipuri/Meithei Dictionary project. As I have no
  earlier experience in that, suggest me what sort of technical requirements I
  should have to run the prj. Thanks






  Hanjabam Surmangol Sharma

  Department of Linguistics

 Manipur University , Canchipur

  Imphal 795 003 MANIPUR 

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