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Jan Ullrich jfu at LAKHOTA.ORG
Sat Apr 27 08:48:06 UTC 2013

Dear Colleagues,


I would like to ask your advice regarding an audio component of dictionary


We are hoping to eventually record around 30,000 word entries of our Lakota
dictionary. The dictionary is currently in the Toolbox database although we
also have a MySQL online version. Also, we have an additional Toolbox field
in each entry where we store a unique ID number.


We do have a plan for a semi-automated procedure, but I am wondering if
there is a software utility or a recommended procedure for cutting the long
audio file(s) with a chain of words into individual files for each word and
naming them according to the respective entry word or preferable entry ID.

In the second phase of the project we would also like to create the audio
component for the 40,000 example sentences and collocations. These currently
do not have ID numbers so I think we will have to add those. 


Best regards



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