Conf: "Global Understanding in Multilingual, Multimodal & Multimedia Contexts" (22-23/8/2008)

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FYI, passing on this information on the "Global Understanding in
Multilingual, Multimodal & Multimedia Contexts" (GUM3C) conference. The
website is :




The World Language Documentation Centre, together with Bangor University and
Language Standards for Global Business, wishes to announce a major
multidisciplinary conference to celebrate 2008 as the International Year of

August 22-23, 2008

To be held at the Bangor University Business Management Conference Centre

This event is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government and the UK National
Committee to UNESCO

The United Nations announced that 2008 would be the International Year of
Languages, recognizing the importance of multilingualism in supporting
international understanding. The GUM3C conference will attempt to bridge the
communications gap between academia and industry, asking (and attempting to
answer) such questions as: 

How can industry help academia prioritize its research in the 3 Ms? 

What are the developing standards, who are developing them and will they be

How will this generate peace, prosperity and global understanding? 

Mor info, details on submission of papers or workshops as well as conference
registration can be obtained from 

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