Problems managing membership data on the Consortium for Language Policy and Planning

Don Osborn dzo at
Sat Feb 9 03:13:58 UTC 2008

Dear Hal, The list and website are valuable resources. My only concern is
that they both rely on one person (you) to keep them going. 

• Please let me know if you personally wish this database to be somehow
available, somewhere, i.e. I need to know the following:
o Have you ever consulted it?
	Yes, but not recently

o Do you find it useful?
	Yes, and I anticipate using it again, but with all databases there
is a question from the user point of view of the currency of the data, and
from the manager's p.o.v. how to maintain it.

o Do you think it has ever been compromised? 
	No, but that is an opinion not from extensive or recent use.

Thanks for asking and for continuing to manage CLPP.


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