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casey mcchesney casey_mcchesney at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 7 16:51:25 UTC 2000

hello ~

i am a hearie who is proficient in asl, but not fluent. i attend deaf
cultural events when i can and am continuing my study of asl as a language
as well as looking at language and intelligence from an academic point of

it is very interesting that your niece says that she 'hears' in her dreams.
i wonder if this is a cultural artifact - did she attend a residential
school for the deaf where instruction was in asl? did her parents/other
family members learn asl? perhaps unless she was immersed in the deaf
culture, the 'hearing' of speech and music is but a cultural artifact that
would not be present if she was not immersed in the dominant 'hearing'
culture. i'm sure we will never know for sure.

personally, i have hearing dreams and i have signing dreams. i have never
had a dream where people are both speaking and signing, it is either one or
the other. perhaps i will ask some deaf people i know, including deaf of
deaf parents.

thank you for this interesting tidbit.
casey mcchesney
interdisciplinary graduate student
sonoma state university
mcchesne at sonoma.edu
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