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Sara Smith sasmith at
Mon May 21 22:41:48 UTC 2001

Dear Ms. Walters,

I would appreciate your help once again in publicizing the
following to your students and faculty.

The Linguistics Department at California State University,
Long Beach is seeking instructors for summer and fall
semesters for a
course cross-listed with Anthropology and titled: Education
Across Cultures. Its goal is to introduce students,
including future
teachers, to the role of culture in practices and
experiences of education. The person who would have taught
this course has
received a full-time appointment at another campus, and so
we are looking to replace her.

The summer class would have c. 20 students. It meets on
Tuesday & Thursday evenings,  June 5 -July 12.  Class time
is 6-945 PM.

There might also be a second summer section available July
16-August 22, also on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

In the fall semester, we will have a section  (35-40
students) that meets on Monday nights 7-945 PM.

Thank you for your help!

Sara Smith
phone (562) 985-5036 or fax (562) 985-8004

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