primate communication?

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The person that I would write to is Adam Arcadi (apc13 at Arcadi
is a primatologist who works on chimpanzee vocal interaction in the wild.
While primatologists have sometimes referred to sequences of vocalizations
as "conversations", Arcadi actually takes the question of comparing
exchanges of vocalizations in the wild and human conversation seriously, and
argues that as far as the evidence goes, there is a radical disjunction
between the two, even for chimpanzees and humans. See Adam Clark Arcadi
(2000) Vocal responsiveness in male wild chimpanzees. Journal of Human
Evolution 39: 205-223. The title already assumes some attention to sex
differences in chimpanzees--gibbons, of course, are another matter.


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I have a student who has been working with gibbons for a couple of years
and now would like to do her senior thesis on gibbon communication. She
is interested in gender differences in the organization of gibbon
discourse. Does anybody know of work in primate communication along
these lines?

Many thanks,

janina fenigsen

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