Photo-collage opt-in

Thu Mar 8 06:51:05 UTC 2012

Leila Monaghan, Richard Senghas, and Galey Modan each pointed out that the
mouth::language iconography is rather reductive, particularly if one
thinks about signed languages.

Therefore, I am slightly revising the plan. In addition to mouths, the
collage will include hands and (I think single) eyes. If you've given me
permission to use your mouth, that's all I'll use. If you wouldn't mind me
using your eye, hand, or other images, you can let me know (and maybe send
me some hand pictures, since I've mostly just got faces).

By the way, most mouths I have are not speaking; they're smiling or
sometimes frowning. Therefore hands needn't be signing, though the could
be, or else gesturing or just 'resting'.

Also, I'm thinking I will send the composite image to everyone who has
agreed to be included before I upload it to Facebook, just in case anyone
has any objections.

Other suggestions are most welcome.


> On March 30th, Facebook will change the appearance of the Society for
> Linguistic Anthropology page <>  to
> something resembling its new "time line" layout. In preparation for that
> change, I need to add "a unique cover photo" for the site. Currently the
> only image on the site is the green-and-white SLA logo, which is too
> narrow
> to use.
> One oft-used (well, at least two or three times-used) image for ling
> publications seems to be a collage of human mouths. If there are no
> suggestions, I will make such a collage to use as our cover image. To
> this collage particular to SLA I thought, "Why not use the mouths of SLA
> members?"
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