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2012 AAA CFP

Acts of Reception

2012 AAA Panel to be submitted to the Society for Linguistic Anthropology

Organizers: Katherine Martineau (University of Michigan) and Christina
P. Davis (Columbia University

Overhearers, eavesdroppers, listeners, readers, viewers, spies,
audiences, publics  the participant roles of reception are essential
to understanding the social work of language. Yet we know little about
how the interpretation and circulation of these roles shape the lives
of individuals or groups. Though participant roles have been the focus
of theoretical elaboration in critical theory, science studies, and
media and film studies, in linguistic anthropology, most of our
ethnographic work has focused on discourse producers and co-present
interlocutors (Goodwin 2007).  Stance, a 都peaker or author痴
evaluation and assessment, either of some object of discourse or an
interlocutor (Irvine 2009), may provide an analytical category useful
for examining how non-productive participant roles are adopted and
adapted by social actors.  This panel seeks to explore the affordances
and limitations of the concept of stance for its application to
reception acts. We encourage attention not only to analysis of a
single interactional event, but its subsequent circulation, through
metadiscourse, documents (e.g., newspapers), or the ethnographer痴
transcripts. Such an approach widens the frame of reception acts
across scale and time, revealing dynamics in socio-historical processes.

Keywords: participant roles, stance, reception, discourse

Abstracts should be sent to Katherine Martineau (kbmartin at
and Christina P. Davis (cpd2121 at by March 31st.

After composing the panel, and before submitting it to the AAAs, we
will hone this panel to reflect the specific shared concerns of the

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