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Daniella Delea daniellardelea at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 21 00:28:17 UTC 2012

Hello fellow linguistic anthropologists,

I am currently am looking for a panel at the AAA meeting in November to
host my me back if your panel is interested in the topic

Abstract as follows:

In the last two decades scholars have focused on the communicative
activities of high school students (Bucholtz, 2009) and (Eckert, 2009), and
the social practices of grade school girls (Goodwin, 2006), but have not
yet studied college women to see if the same or similar patterns of
behavior and linguistic practices continue past adolescence. This research
examines how women use humorous literacy to solidify their membership in a
college-aged community of practice. Writing can be used to document and
reference social practices, and alternative literacies found in everyday
life are powerful in forming communal history.  These histories, much like
graffiti, may be the antithesis to formal writing styles, and are
indicative of identity and group membership.   In this ethnographic study a
group of twelve women within a community of practice were observed for a
period of three academic semesters.  Their humorous literacy practices were
recorded then analyzed by the researcher.  Multi modal text was regarded
with an in depth analysis in relation to the power of documentation,
 hierarchical structure of group membership, and content.  Literacy
authenticates conversational practices and serves as a memorial, but more
importantly writing can be seen to ratify membership and solidify one’s
position within the group, even within humorous interactions.

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