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Chad Nilep nilep at ILAS.NAGOYA-U.AC.JP
Wed Mar 21 08:35:56 UTC 2012

I was unable to send a message with the image attached. Instead, I have
posted it to my (password-protected) course web space. Please go to to view the
image. The required user name is “gakusei” and the password is
“degozaru” (no quotation marks in either case).


差出人: Chad Nilep [mailto:nilep at]
送信日時: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 5:21 PM
件名: SLA Photo collage

As promised, I hereby submit the SLA photo collage for approval before
adding it to the society’s facebook page. If there are objections, let me
know. If I hear none, I will add it to facebook and possibly make use of it
on other pages (I’ll let you know).

Note that I am licensing the image as CC BY-NC 2.0
<> , which means anyone may
use it for non-commercial purposes. The collage includes, in addition to the
images of 24 linguistic anthropologists, details from the photos "Mosaic of
Hamadan Gathering" by Hamed Saber, "DSC_0623" by geezycreezy, and "untitled
0798" by Wright Way Photography, all used by CC BY 2.0 license.



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