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I assign students a transcription exercise: Select a key 10 minutes of the interview/s you've done to carefully transcribe, and upload both the interview and the transcription for me to grade. This is in an undergraduate intro to socio-cultural anthropology course.  But I pay a transcriber to transcribe my own fieldwork interviews now, and then read her transcripts as I listen to the tapes and correct or mark anything that the transcriber has not done to my liking.

Just my two cents! I do think that learning to transcribe is an important part of becoming a good field worker.

Best, Susan

Susan Seizer
Associate Professor
Indiana University

Also check out my two ethnographic project websites:

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Dear everyone,

There's not just the inequality among students in terms of economy, there's also something to say for having students transcribe their own data. Not justas  a useful technical exercise/skill (which it is, see Gail Jefferson and the (CA) like), but also as a theoretical enterprise. Transcribing your own data forces you to pay attention to detail, to words, phrases and accents, deeper structures,... only you can recognize in a particular sociocultural context. Hymes also gives plenty of arguments for it being a useful theoretical-methodological task. Cheers.

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Verbal Ink (http://verbalink.com/)<http://verbalink.com/> is good.  They charge by the minute of recording time, so you know the cost up front.  No transcription service is inexpensive, however, and then you get into the problem of some students being able to afford it and others not.

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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if some of you have useful (inexpensive) online resources/services you use or know about for transcription, which I could pass along to some students. I could compile the list & send it to everyone after this Friday, 7/21.

Netta Avineri

Netta Avineri, PhD
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