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  9.203, Jobs: EFL, Applied Ling, Computational Ling

    1) From:     HSINTL at
       Subject:  Teach in China
    2) From:     grahamt at
       Subject:  Applied Linguistics
    3) From:     Robin Cooper <cooper at>
       Subject:  Postdoc computational semantics

  9.204, Jobs: Computational Linguists (2)

    1) From:     "Dan Byrne" <dan at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguist - programming - c, c++, o
    2) From:     "Whittemore, Greg" <greg.whittemore at>
       Subject:  Computational Linguist

  9.205, Jobs: Postdocs--Phonetics, Computational/Corpus Ling

    1) From:     Pat Keating <keating at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU>
       Subject:  UCLA Postdocs in Phonetics and Speech (UPDATE)
    2) From:     hunter <hunter at>
       Subject:  Post-doc Computational, Corpus Ling (Taiwan)

  9.206, Qs: Eng Freq,Greek,Span. Lexicology,Signal Analysis

    1) From:     Alex Zheltuhin <alexz at>
       Subject:  English Word Frequency
    2) From:     Chariton Charitonidis <charitonidis at>
       Subject:  Polysynthetic Tendencies in Modern Greek
    3) From:     Ingeborg Blank <blank at>
       Subject:  Spanish lexicology - manual
    4) From:     "Tatjana Paunovic" <paun at>
       Subject:  Speech signal analysis freeware/shareware

  9.207, Jobs: ASL (Maine), Japanese (Vassar)

    1) From:     Wayne Cowart <cowart at>
       Subject:  ASL and ASL/English Interpreting
    2) From:     MaEddy at (Mary Eddy)
       Subject:  Japanese (Vassar)

  9.208, Calls: TSD'98, Rules and Rule-following

    1) From:     Ivan Kopecek <kopecek at>
       Subject:  A Workshop on TEXT, SPEECH and DIALOG (TSD'98)
    2) From:     "Bocz Andras" <bocz at>
       Subject:  Multidisciplinary Colloquium on Rules and Rule-Following

  9.209, Calls: 3rd Utrecht Phonology WS, EMNLP3--2nd CFP

    1) From:     Rene Kager <rene.kager at>
       Subject:  Third Utrecht Biannual Phonology Workshop
    2) From:     "Nancy M. Ide" <ide at>
       Subject:  2nd CALL FOR PAPERS: EMNLP3

  9.210, Calls: Konvens'98, ECAI-98 #6:CFP Young Researcher

    1) From:     Bernhard Schroeder <B.Schroeder at>
       Subject:  Call for Papers: Konvens98
    2) From:     ecai98 at

  9.211, Confs: CUNY '98 Conference

    1) From:     "CUNY '98 Conference" <cuny at>
       Subject:  CUNY '98 Conference

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