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  9.212, Sum: Optimality & Syntax Acquisition

    1) From:     Erica Thrift <KE.Thrift at>
       Subject:  Summary: Optimality & Syntax Acquisition

  9.213, Sum: Foreign Language Learning Disability

       Subject:  Foreign Language Learning Disability:  Summary

  9.214, Sum: Grammars

    1) From:     Elke Hentschel <eloufjdb at>
       Subject:  Sum: grammars

  9.215, FYI: Transcription,ELRA/ELDA,LANGUAGE,ESL Gram Check

    1) From:     Kristine Hasund <Kristine.Hasund at>
       Subject:  Sum II: audio & transcription software for Mac & Windows
    2) From:     info-elra at (Valerie Mapelli)
       Subject:  ELRA/ELDA new address
    3) From:     langrev at (Langrev Langrev)
       Subject:  LANGUAGE Web Site
    4) From:     Anne Sing <annes at>
       Subject:  ESL Grammar Checker Available

  9.216, Calls: ESSLLI'98-Mutual Knowledge, LREC

    1) From:     Wolfgang Heydrich <100732.1675 at>
       Subject:  Mutual Knowledge, Common Ground and Public Information
    2) From:     Wim Peters <W.Peters at>
       Subject:  LREC Workshop "Distributing and Accessing Linguistic Resourcs"

  9.217, Calls: Corpus-Based Terminology, Politeness Theory

    1) From:     Gamper Johann <Johann.Gamper at>
       Subject:  Workshop on Corpus-Based Terminology
    2) From:     "Robin Queen" <rqueen at>
       Subject:  Politeness Theory

  9.218, Qs: English-Chinese, "promise", (Un)Certainty

    1) From:     jonathan glassow <hbeng266 at>
       Subject:  Native Chinese Speakers
    2) From:     Karen Courtenay <Karen at>
       Subject:  The "subject control" verb PROMISE
    3) From:     Henny Klein <E.H.Klein at>
       Subject:  (un)certainty

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