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  9.250, Calls: Bilingualism, Linguistics Colloquium

    1) From:     "Li Wei" <Li.Wei at>
       Subject:  Bilingualism
    2) From:     Patrick Murphy <murphy at>
       Subject:  Linguistics Colloquium--Spring 98

  9.251, Confs: Ecology of Language Acquisition

    1) From:     Jonathan Leather <J.Leather at>
       Subject:  Ecology of Language Acquisition

  9.252, Jobs: Studentships, Semantics/Pragmatics

    1) From:     Durham Linguistics <Durham.Linguistics at>
       Subject:  Studentships: University of Durham (UK)
    2) From:     "James T. Myers" <lngmyers at>
       Subject:  Semantics & Pragmatics

  9.253, Sum: Pronoun "I" again

    1) From:     Tatje <he252ta at>
       Subject:  Pronoun "I" again

  9.254, Qs: False friends, Cookies, Journal, IR

    1) From:     Catarina Forslund FRA <cforslun at>
       Subject:  Componential analysis/"faux amis"(false friends)
    2) From:     monika.bruendl at
       Subject:  Computer terms: "cookies"
    3) From:     T.U.Sabine at (Takame Ueki Sabine)
       Subject:  Eng. journal specializing in Japanese linguistics
    4) From:     "Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D." <bralich at>
       Subject:  Comparisons of IR Results

  9.255, Disc: NLP and syntax

    1) From:     Anne Sing <annes at>

  9.256, Calls: Child language, Applied linguistics, GASLA 98

    1) From:     M.Perkins at (Mick Perkins)
       Subject:  Child Language Seminar
    2) From:     Jersy Kowal <jkowal at>
       Subject:  Applied Spanish Linguistics
    3) From:     GASLA 98 <gasla at>
       Subject:  Generative Approaches to SLA IV

  9.257, Jobs: EFL, TEFL/Applied Ling, Natural Lang Engineer

    1) From:     "Steven J Scholberg" <wzzzzrd at>
       Subject:  English Teachers Wanted in Korea
    2) From:     bcraig <bcraig at>
       Subject:  Positions in EFL & TEFL/Applied Linguistics in Taiwan
    3) From:     "Rohini K. Srihari" <rohini at>
       Subject:  Natural Language Engineer

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