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  9.258, Sum: English Word Frequency

    1) From:     Alex Zheltuhin <alexz at>
       Subject:  Summary: English word frequency

  9.259, Calls: Teaching & Lang Corpora,Theoretical Linguistics

    1) From:     Teaching And Language Corpora 1998
      <teaching-and-learning-corpora at>
       Subject:  TALC98: Second Call for Proposals
    2) From:     Jonathan Ginzburg <msjihad at>
       Subject:  IATL 14: Final CFP

  9.260, Calls: French Studies,American Indigenous Languages

    1) From:     Nick Bibis <nbibis at>
       Subject:  Student Conference, Graduate Studies in French,
         University of Toronto
    2) From:     Gary Holton <holton at>
       Subject:  Santa Barbara WAIL

  9.261, Confs: GLOW '98--Phonology & Syntax

    1) From:     Craig Thiersch <C.L.Thiersch at>
       Subject:  GLOW'98 -- 'Phonological Opacity' and 'Agreement Systems'

  9.262, Qs: Kuvi Lang,OCR software,Interlinear Translation

    1) From:     Shelome A Gooden <sgooden at>
       Subject:  Kuvi Language
    2) From:     Ron Rhoades <rrhoades at>
       Subject:  OCR Software
    3) From:     "Vern M. Lindblad" <vernml at>
       Subject:  Interlinear Translation Tools

  9.263, Qs: all-every,Vowel Harmony,Irc/Electr.Chat Lang

    1) From:     Alice Drewery <alice at>
       Subject:  "all" and "every"
    2) From:     sheri lyn pargman <slpargma at>
       Subject:  umlaut and vowel harmony
    3) From:     David Roger <3dmr5 at>
       Subject:  wtd: refs for irc/electronic chat language

  9.264, Sum: Icelandic Phonolgy

    1) From:     Antony Dubach Green <green at>
       Subject:  Icelandic Phonology

  9.265, Sum: Asian Adjectives

    1) From:     "Michael Jung" <mkjung at>
       Subject:  Asian Adjectives

  9.266, FYI: FoLLI Dissertation Prize

    1) From:     Erhard Hinrichs <hinrichs at>
       Subject:  FoLLI Dissertation Prize

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