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  9.444, Qs: OCR, New words, Phonology references

    1) From:     Michael <horlickm at>
       Subject:  Optical Character Recognition
    2) From:     Ines Shaw <ishaw at>
       Subject:  New words
    3) From:     "Homme A. Piest" <piest at>
       Subject:  Literature on sound shifts vs. analogy

  9.445, Jobs: Korean Lecturer, Phonetic/Prosodic Labeling

    1) From:     Eun-su Cho <eunsucho at>
       Subject:  Korean Lecturer employment opportunity
    2) From:     Erica Zeinfeld-AEZ002 <Erica_Zeinfeld-AEZ002 at>
       Subject:  Phonetic Labeling Internship at Motorola

  9.446, Calls: Pidgin & Creole, Sound Patterns

    1) From:     Armin Schwegler <aschwegl at>
       Subject:  Pidgin & Creole
    2) From:     Marie Helene Casanova <casanova at>
       Subject:  Sound Patterns of Spontaneous Speech

  9.447, Qs: Prosodic Transcription,Greek,Stress,Quebec Eng

    1) From:     Kristine Hasund <Kristine.Hasund at>
       Subject:  Windows software for prosodic transcription
    2) From:     Nestmag <Nestmag at>
       Subject:  Greek
    3) From:     Jane Doe <Jane_Doe at>
       Subject:  phonemic lexical stress
    4) From:     Stephen.Roti at
       Subject:  Quebec English

  9.448, Sum: English Modals

    1) From:     <YIB00161 at>
       Subject:  English Modals

  9.449, Sum: "Crosstalk"

    1) From:     "Laura Christine Hartley" <hartleyl at>
       Subject:  Gumperz video

  9.450, Books: Phonology

    1) From:      "Rene H. Mulder" <mulder at>
       Subject:  Phonology

  9.451, Books: Morphology

    1) From:      "Rene H. Mulder"" <mulder at>
       Subject:  new books: morphology

  9.452, Disc: Short Diphthongs

    1) From:     Waruno Mahdi <mahdi at FHI-Berlin.MPG.DE>
       Subject:  Re: 9.355, Disc: Short Diphthongs (addendum)
    2) From:     Paul Johnston <JOHNSTONP at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.443, Disc: Short Diphthongs

  9.453, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

    1) From:     manaster at
       Subject:  Re: 9.431, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics
    2) From:     s945025 at (Kawagashira Nobuyuki)
       Subject:  Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics
    3) From:     "Karl V.(van Duyn) Teeter" <kvt at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.431, Disc: State of Comparative Linguistics

  9.454, Disc: Apple-Word

    1) From:     manaster at
       Subject:  Re: 9.421, Sum: Apple-Word

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