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  9.455, Sum: Bibliography of Ling Dictionaries

    1) From:     jkcowart at (J Kingston Cowart)
       Subject:  Bibliography of Ling Dictionaries

  9.456, Qs: Passives,Rhyme/Memory,Pronouns,Modals

    1) From:     ocls at (George Elgin, Suzette Haden Elgin)
       Subject:  Agents and Patients
    2) From:     monika.bruendl at
       Subject:  Rhyme and Memory
    3) From:     Miura Ikuo <a966702d at>
       Subject:  Reference of Pronouns
    4) From:     <YIB00161 at>
       Subject:  Modals

  9.457, Disc: NLP and Syntax

    1) From:     Pius ten Hacken <tenhacken at>
       Subject:  Re: 9.383, Disc: NLP and Syntax
    2) From:     pmenzel at (Peter Menzel)
       Subject:  NLP and Syntax

  9.458, Jobs: Multi-Lingual Developments, TESL, Japanese

    1) From:     Baratay <baratay at>
    2) From:     Karl Krahnke <krahnke at>
       Subject:  Asst. Prof. - Colorado State University
    3) From:     Hideo Tomita <tomita at>
       Subject:  Instructor of Japanese (Kenyon Coll.)

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