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  10.323, Jobs: Cognitive Science/ Theoretical Linguistics

    1) From:     endo at (yoshio endo)
       Subject:  Cognitive Science/Theoretical Ling; Asst Prof at Yokohama National U.

  10.324, Support: Computational Ling at U of Brighton

    1) From:     Lynne.Cahill at (Lynne Cahill)
       Subject:  PhD studentships at University of Brighton

  10.325, Calls: Generation of Nominals, Economy of Lang Design

    1) From:     Rodger.Kibble at (Rodger Kibble)
       Subject:  Extended deadline: ESSLLI'99 Workshop on Generation of Nominals
    2) From:     Anne Reboul <Anne.Reboul at>
       Subject:  LICSSOL 1

  10.326, Calls: ESSLLI '99, Transformational Grammar at LSA

    1) From:     amalia at
       Subject:  ESSLLI'99 Student Session - Final Call
    2) From:     Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSK at VM.SC.EDU>
       Subject:  Workshop on the Role of GFs in Transformational Syntax -- Final Call

  10.327, Confs: Beijing International Conference on Mandarin

    1) From:     shuicai at
       Subject:  Beijing International Conference on Mandarin Word Study

  10.328, Calls: L2 Teaching, Language Assessment

    1) From:     Delphine Renie <drenie at>
       Subject:  Center for Research on Lang Teaching and Learning
    2) From:     "Anil Laxman Pathak (Dr)" <ASalpathak at>
       Subject:  Language Testing, Evaluation, and Assessment

  10.329, Calls: Hellenic Lang., 34th Colloquium of Linguistics

    1) From:     Elena Mantzari <elena at>
       Subject:  2nd Conference for the Hellenic Language and Terminology
    2) From:     rapp at (Reinhard Rapp)
       Subject:  34th Colloquium of Linguistics

  10.330, Qs: Proficiency test, Taxonomy, "ministre", Gender

    1) From:     "maryanto maryanto" <mmaryanto at>
       Subject:  Proficiency Tests
    2) From:     Domenico LEMBO <lembo at>
       Subject:  Proper names and classification
    3) From:     Julie Auger <jauger at>
       Subject:  Madame la ministre
    4) From:     George Farrrugia <gfar2 at>
       Subject:  Grammatical Gender

  10.331, FYI: Language issue, New list: athlang-l

    1) From:     Carol Neidle <carol at>
       Subject:  Latest issue of Language
    2) From:     Jordan Lachler <lachler at>
       Subject:  NEW LIST: athlang-l

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