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  10.332, Jobs: German Ling, Syntax, Semantics

    1) From:     Joerg Wagner <wagner at>
       Subject:  German Ling; Martin-Luther-Universitdt Halle-Wittenberg
    2) From:     Gregory Ward <ward at>
       Subject:  Syntax, Semantics; Visiting Asst Profs at Northwestern

  10.333, Jobs: American Sign Lang; Discourse Analysis

    1) From:     Jan Fried <jfried at>
       Subject:  American Sign Lang; Instructor at Kapi'olani CC in Honolulu
    2) From:     UiL-OTS <UiL-OTS at>
       Subject:  Discourse; Asst Prof at Utrecht University

  10.334, TOC: Linguistik Online

    1) From:     antje=hornscheidt at
       Subject:  Linguistik Online: Vol. 1, 1999

  10.335, Qs: Throat Singing, Con clusters, Syntax, Italian

    1) From:     "Anthony M. Lewis" <am-lewis at>
       Subject:  The articulatory gestures of Tuvan throat singing
    2) From:     Hideo Yamada <hyamada at>
       Subject:  English consonant clusters VS Japanese phonology
    3) From:     Tamara Rae Neuberger <tamara18 at>
       Subject:  Lang Acquisition -- Syntax
    4) From:     "Jillian R. Cavanaugh" <jrc6207 at>
       Subject:  Etruscan & Latin

  10.336, FYI: Ling Annotation, SECOL Program, Lang Engineers

    1) From:     Steven Bird <sb at>
       Subject:  Technical Report: A Formal Foundation for Linguistic Annotation
    2) From:     "JANET BING" <jbing at>
       Subject:  SECOL Conference Program
    3) From:     CRL SSLE <ssle at>
       Subject:  Computing Research Laboratory Summer School

  10.337, Confs: Les Temps du Passe

    1) From:     Pierre [** iso-8859-1 charset **] Larriv\233e <p.larrivee at>
       Subject:  International workshop _Les temps du passe francais et leur  enseignement_

  10.338, Calls: Adjectives/NLP, Evolutionary Computation

    1) From:     Evelyne Viegas <viegas at>
       Subject:  The Description of Adjectives for NLP
    2) From:     "Una-May O'Reilly" <unamay at>
       Subject:  Evolutionary Computation

  10.339, Calls: Korean Ling/U of Illinois, British Applied Ling

    1) From:     James Yoon <jyoon at>
       Subject:  Korean Linguistics
    2) From:     "Teresa O'Brien" <OBRIEN at>
       Subject:  British Association for Applied Linguistics

  10.340, Confs: European Evaluation of Language Systems

    1) From:     "Marc Blasband" <cplr at>
       Subject:  European Evaluation of Language Systems

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