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  10.341, Calls: Computational Semantics, Language Processing

    1) From:     mdr at (Maarten de Rijke)
       Subject:  Inference in Computational Semantics (ICoS1)
    2) From:     Hongsing WONG <wong at>
       Subject:  EMNLP/VLC-99 2nd CFP

  10.342, Disc: "Cutting the mustard"

    1) From:     "Edward B. Plaisance jr." <plaisaeb at>
       Subject:  Re: 10.283, Cutting the muster/mustard

  10.343, FYI: Gesture/language, LSA Bulletin

    1) From:     Robin Allott <RMAllott at>
       Subject:  Gesture and language equivalence
    2) From:     LSA <lsa at>
       Subject:  March LSA Bulletin

  10.344, All: Gunnel Kllgren Memorial Fund

    1) From:     "Osten Dahl" <oesten at>
       Subject:  Gunnel Kllgren Memorial Fund

  10.345, Confs: Language interaction and culture

    1) From:     Mardi J Kidwell <6500mjk0 at>
       Subject:  Language, Interaction, and Culture University of California

  10.346, FYI: Humor, EAMT workshop, Mixed languages workshop

    1) From:     "Heidi B. Harley" <hharley at>
       Subject:  Linguistics humor: Simpsons, cont.
    2) From:     Martin Cmejrek <cmejrek at>
       Subject:  Machine Translation
    3) From:     "Peter Bakker" <linpb at>
       Subject:  Workshop on mixed languages in Aarhus

  10.347, Qs: Final lengthening, Psycholinguistic tests

    1) From:     Alice Turk <turk at>
       Subject:  Final lengthening in the world's languages
    2) From:     "Tatjana Zybatov" <zybatov at>
       Subject:  Adverbial modification of accomplishments

  10.348, Calls: NWAVE-28

    1) From:     Peter Avery <pavery at YorkU.CA>
       Subject:  NWAVE-28 in Toronto

  10.349, Calls: MT Summit VII, Semantics and pragmatics NLP

    1) From:     "Megumi Kiya" <aamt0002 at>
       Subject:  MT Summit VII
    2) From:     Myriam Bras-Grivart <bras at>
       Subject:  workshop CFP semantics and pragmatics in Cargese

  10.350, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     Linguist Notice Board <linguist at>
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

  10.351, Sum: "Similar to" and "Different from"

    1) From:     guenter radden <fs2a501 at>
       Subject:  "Similar to" and "different from"

  10.352, Confs: France/Belgique

    1) From:     E.Labeau at (Emmanuelle Labeau)
       Subject:  France-Belgique: des freres ennemis de la 'langue de chez nous'?

  10.353, Calls: Perception in phonology, Generative metrics

    1) From:     Elizabeth Hume <ehume at>
       Subject:  Perception in Phonology
    2) From:     Nila Friedberg <nfriedbe at>
       Subject:  Generative metrics

  10.354, Calls: LSA Workshop, Natural Language Processing

    1) From:     Francisco Ordonez <fordonez at>
       Subject:  Clitic/agreement affix combinations
    2) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  ACL'99 new and revised workshop calls

  10.355, Disc: "Cutting the mustard"

    1) From:     MARC PICARD <picard at>
       Subject:  Re: 10.342, Disc: "Cutting the mustard"

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