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  10.362, Qs: Apostrophe-s, Software, Phonemes, Attitudes

    1) From:     David Robertson <drobert at>
       Subject:  Earliest attestation of "greengrocer's apostrophe-s"?
    2) From:     "Sean Armstrong" <sdjtarm at>
       Subject:  Software for Speech Analysis
    3) From:     Mohamed Farouk Noamany <iocc at>
       Subject:  Arabic Phonemes
    4) From:     "Damon Allen Davison" <davison at>
       Subject:  Language attitudes

  10.363, FYI: Radio program, ELRA News

    1) From:     "Peter T. Daniels" <grammatim at>
       Subject:  Radio program
    2) From:     Valerie Mapelli <mapelli at>
       Subject:  ELRA News

  10.364, Calls: Ancient/Modern Lang., Computational Linguistics

    1) From:     "Ilona M. Vandergriff" <vdgriff at>
       Subject:  SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS for PAMLA '99
    2) From:     Mike Rosner <mros at>
       Subject:  EACL99 Workshop FINAL CFP

  10.365, Qs: Language rights, Deictic shift, Second language

    1) From:     Larry Rosenwald <lrosenwald at WELLESLEY.EDU>
       Subject:  Language rights
    2) From:     Fergus <fergus at>
       Subject:  like as a prompt
    3) From:     Laura Wagner <wagner at>
       Subject:  "motherese" in SLA

  10.366, Calls: American Indigenous Lang., Knowledge Discovery

    1) From:     Fiona Whalen <6500frw0 at>
       Subject:  Workshop on American Indigenous Languages
    2) From:     Mohamed.Quafafou at (Mohamed Quafafou)
       Subject:  KDAD'99

  10.367, Calls: Syntax/Semantics, Terminology

    1) From:     Meri E Larjavaara <mlarjava at>
       Subject:  The Relationship between Syntax and Semantics
    2) From:     Penny Labropoulou <penny at>
       Subject:  EAFT conference on co-operation in Terminology

  10.368, Calls: Modalities, Computational Linguistics

    1) From:     m4m at (Methods for Modalities)
       Subject:  Final CfP: Methods for Modalities (M4M)
    2) From:     "nlprs99" <nlprs99 at>
       Subject:  CFP for NLPRS99

  10.369, Calls: Australian Ling. Society, Logic/Grammar

    1) From:     John Henderson <jkh at>
       Subject:  Australian Linguistic Society Conference
    2) From:     RLMG <rlmg at>
       Subject:  RLMG last CFP

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