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  10.370, Jobs: Computational Ling

    1) From:     "Keiko Horiguchi" <keiko at>
       Subject:  Machine Translation; Research Asst at Sony U.S. Labs in San Jose
    2) From:     Amy Livingstone <amy at>
       Subject:  Multi-Language Speech Synthesis; Researcher at Eloquent Tech

  10.371, Jobs: NLP, Japanese Lang

    1) From:     Jian Su <sujian at>
       Subject:  NLP(Chinese/English) Researcher Engineer at KRDL, Singapore
    2) From:     Tomiko Narahara <narahara at>
       Subject:  Japanese; Temporary Teacher at U of Cal in Santa Barbara

  10.372, Jobs: General Ling, Syntax/Historical/Cognitive

    1) From:     "Helmut Gruber" <helmut at>
       Subject:  Correction: Visiting Prof of Linguistics, Vienna Universit
    2) From:     "Simon Donnelly" <104simon at>
       Subject:  Syntax/Historical/Cognitive/Psycho; Lecturer at U of the Witwatersrand

  10.373, Jobs: General Linguistics, Morphology/Typology

    1) From:     Patricia Squadrito <Patricia_Squadrito at Brown.Edu>
       Subject:  General Ling; 1-year Visiting Asst. Prof at Brown University
    2) From:     "Greville G. Corbett" <g.corbett at>
       Subject:  Morphology/Typology; Research post at the Univ of Surrey

  10.374, Support: Graduate Positions at the UiL OTS

    1) From:     UiL-OTS <UiL-OTS at>
       Subject:  Graduate Positions at the UiL OTS

  10.375, Qs: 'I see'/'I mean', Twi (Asante), Haitian Creole

    1) From:     Robert Angelino <Robert_Angelino at>
       Subject:  When/Where did "I see" mean "I understand"??
    2) From:     Yelnuhmada at
       Subject:  Searching for Twi (Asante) learning materials
    3) From:     LEGER CATHERINE <d126514 at>
       Subject:  Tense and aspect markers

  10.376, FYI: NLP/Trans Story, Commentator/BBS, Radio Program

    1) From:     Deborah D K Ruuskanen <druuskan at>
       Subject:  NLP and Translation/A reminder
    2) From:     Stevan Harnad <harnad at>
       Subject:  Neurology of Syntax: BBS Call for Commentators
    3) From:     "Peter T. Daniels" <grammatim at>
       Subject:  Re: 10.363: FYI radio program

  10.377, Calls: Human/Machine Conversation, Sino-Tibetan Lang

    1) From:     y.wilks at (Yorick Wilks)
    2) From:     "F.K.Lehman (F.K.L.Chit Hlaing)" <f-lehman at>
       Subject:  32nd International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Langs. & Linguistics

  10.378, Calls: Languages in Contact, Syntax/Semantics in Paris

    1) From:     "D.G. Gilbers" <D.G.Gilbers at>
       Subject:  Languages in Contact
    2) From:     cssp99 at (CSSP 99)
       Subject:  Syntax and Semantics in Paris

  10.379, Disc: 'Cutting the Mustard'

    1) From:     Ronald_Sheen at UQTR.UQuebec.CA
       Subject:  Re: 10.356, Disc: 'Cutting the Mustard'

  10.380, Disc: New Zealand English

    1) From:     Laurie Bauer <laurie.bauer at>
       Subject:  Different from/to

  10.381, FYI: Comp. processing, Typesetting text package

    1) From:     projecto <projecto at>
       Subject:  White paper on the computational processing of Portuguese
    2) From:     Ivan A Derzhanski <iad at>
       Subject:  Cree/Inuktitut in TeX/LaTeX

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