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  10.390, Qs: Phatic communion, Job outlook for PhDs

    1) From:     Ann Jorid Klungervik Greenall <ann.jorid.klungervik at>
       Subject:  Query: phatic communion
    2) From:     Hall Houston <allhou at>
       Subject:  Job outlook for Ph.Ds

  10.391, Jobs: Phonology, Ling Test Engineers

    1) From:     Steven Schaufele <fcosw5 at>
       Subject:  Phonology Theory; Asst Prof at Soochow U. in Taiwan
    2) From:     "Heather Jones (Volt Computer)" <v-heathj at>
       Subject:  Linguistic Test Engineers; Seattle based corporation

  10.392, Jobs: Localization, Speech and Lang Pathology

    1) From:     "Vail" <brucevail at>
       Subject:  Localization Program Manager in Redmond, Washington
    2) From:     Bill Wells <bill.wells at>
       Subject:  Speech and Lang Pathology; Lectureships at University College London

  10.393, Jobs: Historical, Phonetics, Semantics, Computational

    1) From:     Wayles Browne <ewb2 at>
       Subject:  Historical, Phonetics, Semantics; Visiting Prof at Cornell
    2) From:     "Kurtzer" <pkurtzer at>
       Subject:  Speech Recognition; Research Scientist at Dragon Systems, Inc.

  10.394, Books: Dictionary

    1) From:     comrie at (Bernard Comrie)
       Subject:  Bezhta-Russian Dictionary

  10.395, Sum: Motherese and SLA

    1) From:     Laura Wagner <wagner at>
       Subject:  Motherese and SLA

  10.396, TOC: Pennsylvania WPL Vol. 5.2

    1) From:     Alexis Dimitriadis <alexis at>
       Subject:  PWPL volume 5.2 (Current work in linguistics)

  10.397, All: This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

    1) From:     Linguist Notice Board <linguist at>
       Subject:  This week's LINGUIST Notice Board

  10.398, Support: Linguistics and Spanish

    1) From:     Stanley Dubinsky <DUBINSK at VM.SC.EDU>
       Subject:  Graduate support in Linguistics and Spanish

  10.399, Calls: MT Summit 99, LOT, MLA 99

    1) From:     Jeff ALLEN <jeff at>
       Subject:  MT Summit 99 - theme session suggestion
    2) From:     Artemis Alexiadou <artemis at>
       Subject:  Remnant Movement F-movement and their implications for the T-model
    3) From:     "Thomas F. Shannon" <tshannon at>
       Subject:  MLA 99 Language Change sessions

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