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  10.400, Jobs: Socioling and Phonetics/Phonology, General Ling

    1) From:     Elizabeth Hume <ehume at>
       Subject:  Socioling and Phonetics/phonology; Research at Ohio State U.
    2) From:     Doris Payne <dlpayne at OREGON.UOREGON.EDU>
       Subject:  General Linguistics; Visiting Asst Prof at U of Oregon

  10.401, Sum: Second Dialect Acquisition

    1) From:     Jeff Siegel <jsiegel at>
       Subject:  Second Dialect Acquisition

  10.402, Sum: Pronoun Ellipsis

    1) From:     "Sadao Ando" <sand29 at>
       Subject:  Pronoun Ellipsis

  10.403, Qs: Vary in NW, Deictic Shift, ID Lang, ASL & Brain

    1) From:     Laurie.Zaring at directory.Reed.EDU (Laurie Zaring)
       Subject:  Linguistic variation in the NW
    2) From:     Fergus <fergus at>
       Subject:  "Like" as a prompt for deictic shift
    3) From:     Joseph F Foster <fosterjf at>
       Subject:  Identify Language?
    4) From:     NANCY MAE ANTRIM <nantrim at>
       Subject:  ASL, Verbal Language and the brain

  10.404, FYI: Tate Article, EDSITE, Survey, Summer School

    1) From:     Deborah D K Ruuskanen <druuskan at>
       Subject:  Follow-up on the Tate article
    2) From:     "Serventi, Jennifer" <JServenti at>
       Subject:  Call for EDSITEment Nominations
    3) From:     Koenraad de Smedt <desmedt at>
       Subject:  Call for participation in CL study programmes survey
    4) From:     Tobias Scheer <scheer at>
       Subject:  Plovdiv Summer School

  10.405, Confs: Germanic Linguistics Annual Conf - 5

    1) From:     "Mark L. Louden" <louden at>
       Subject:  Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference-5

  10.406, Confs: Jordanstown Linguistics Day at U of Ulster

    1) From:     MJ.Ball at
       Subject:  Jordanstown Linguistics Day

  10.407, Calls: Asia-Pacific Langs, Discourse/Youth Identities

    1) From:     WATTERS Paul Andrew <pwatters at>
       Subject:  Asia-Pacific Language Research
    2) From:     "Jannis K. Androutsopoulos" <Ioannis.Androutsopoulos at>
       Subject:  Discourse constructions of youth identities

  10.408, Confs: European Association of Chinese Linguistics

    1) From:     Niina Ning Zhang <zhang at>
       Subject:  1st Meeting of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics

  10.409, Jobs: Korean Lang

    1) From:     "ChungminLee" <clee at>
       Subject:  Korean lecturer position at UCLA

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