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  10.410, Qs: Speech act, Review, Data-collection, Roots

    1) From:     agnesding at
       Subject:  Pragmatics; speech act
    2) From:     Dan Everett <dever at>
       Subject:  Postal Review
    3) From:     "Loren A. BILLINGS" <billings at>
       Subject:  Seeking language-data-collection agencies
    4) From:     "Jack Williams" <jacla at>
       Subject:  English Roots within English Words

  10.411, Qs: Lang. usage, Native speakers, U.S. newspapers

    1) From:     "Dr. James Au Yeung" <james at>
       Subject:  Survey on language usage and stuttering
    2) From:     Peter Oehl <oehl at IMS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE>
       Subject:  Native Speakers Wanted II
    3) From:     Maite Taboada <mtaboada at>
       Subject:  Information on USA Today

  10.412, FYI: Corpora, Grammatical Framework, Syntax

    1) From:     Jean Carletta <jeanc at>
       Subject:  Summary of spoken dialogue corpus annotations
    2) From:     Aarne Ranta <Aarne.Ranta at>
       Subject:  GF - Grammatical Framework
    3) From:     Lotfi at
       Subject:  Minimalist Program Revisited

  10.413, Calls: Language & Consiousness, Morphology

    1) From:     "M. Stamenov" <stamenov at>
       Subject:  Workshop on language and consciousness
    2) From:     "Jeroen van de Weijer" <vdweijer2000 at>
       Subject:  Mediterranean Meeting on Morphology

  10.414, Calls: Discourses & Learning, Persistent Conversation

    1) From:     LDTAP99 <ldtap99 at>
       Subject:  Discourses and Learning: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives          (update)
    2) From:     susan at (Susan Herring)
       Subject:  Persistent Conversation

  10.415, Sum: 'I see' meaning 'I understand'

    1) From:     Robert Angelino <Robert_Angelino at>
       Subject:  Re: When/Where did "I see" mean "I understand"?? - Some reponses...

  10.416, Sum: Word Order in Russian

    1) From:     Mathias Schulze <mathias at>
       Subject:  Sum: Word order in Russian

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