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  10.417, Jobs: Particle verb research, Applied linguistics

    1) From:     mcintyre at
       Subject:  Research project in Leipzig on particle verbs
    2) From:     linguist at
       Subject:  Visiting Assistant Professor at The University of Montana-Missoula

  10.418, Jobs: ESL, Acoustic & phonetic modeling

    1) From:     Jong Kun Lee <jklee at>
       Subject:  ESL/EFL Instructors at Mokpo National University
    2) From:     "Nicolas Dufour" <Nicolas.Dufour at>
       Subject:  English/Dutch/German speech technology at Lernout&Hauspie  (Belgium)

  10.419, Jobs: Computational corpus linguistics

    1) From:     Detmar Meurers <dm at>
       Subject:  Syntactic Annotation of Text Corpora at U. of Tuebingen

  10.420, Sum: Articulatory posturing of Tuvan throat singers

    1) From:     "Anthony M. Lewis" <am-lewis at>
       Subject:  Articulatory posturing of Tuvan throat singers

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