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  10.460, Calls: Phonology, Language Theory/MLA

    1) From:     Tobias Scheer <scheer at>
       Subject:  Round Table in Phonology
    2) From:     lrw1 at
       Subject:  Language Theory/MLA

  10.461, Qs: Adjective Construction, UNIX Tools,'Ouch'

    1) From:     "Mikio Hashimoto" <mikioha at>
       Subject:  Adjective Plus for/of Construction
    2) From:     Jeff ALLEN <jeff at>
       Subject:  Controlled Language tools
    3) From:     Fred Cummins <fred at>
       Subject:  Ouch...

  10.462, Qs: Euskadi, Electronic Discourse

    1) From:     JenniferE at
       Subject:  Basque Language question
    2) From:     Simonie Hodges <simonie.hodges at>
       Subject:  Electronic discourse

  10.463, FYI: Hale Tribute, Semantics School, New Journal

    1) From:     Karlos Arregi <karlos at MIT.EDU>
       Subject:  Tribute to Ken Hale on his retirement
    2) From:     Roberto Poli <roberto.poli at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Semantics School
    3) From:     Odinaldo Rodrigues <rodrigu at>
       Subject:  The Journal of Language and Computation

  10.464, Qs: Aural/Visual Dominance, Exclamations, Quotation

    1) From:     "Craig McL. Wallace" <craigmcl at>
       Subject:  aural vs visual dominance in language learning
    2) From:     "David Harris" <dharris at>
       Subject:  Question about exclamations/interjections
    3) From:     "E. Kaisse" <kaisse at>
       Subject:  Quotation about the downhill slide of Latin

  10.465, Review: Birner and Ward

    1) From:     David Umbach <david.umbach at>
       Subject:  Review: Birner and Ward

  10.466, Review: Wolfram, Adger & Christian: Dialects ...

    1) From:     Mary Shapiro <mshapiro at>
       Subject:  Review of Wolfram/Adger/Christian

  10.467, Review: Siewierska & Song: Case Typology and Grammar.

    1) From:     Chris Bongartz <bongartz at>
       Subject:  book review "Case, Typology, and Grammar"

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