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  10.468, Confs: Language Acquisition and Breakdown

    1) From:     Angeliek van Hout <Angeliek.vanHout at>
       Subject:  Language Acquistion & Breakdown

  10.469, Jobs: General Ling/TESOL, Research Position

    1) From:     Tsaier Chen <kychen at>
       Subject:  General Linguistics/TESOL; Asst Prof at Shu-de College, Taiwan
    2) From:     birgit at (Birgit Ahlemeyer)
       Subject:  Research position at Humboldt University

  10.470, Jobs: Japanese Lang, Computational Ling

    1) From:     "Takayuki Nishimata" <nishimata at>
       Subject:  Japanese Lang; Temp Instructor Salem-Teikyo University (U.S.A.)
    2) From:     Lisa Turner <lisa.turner at>
       Subject:  Computational Ling; Lecturer at King's College

  10.471, Jobs: Computational Ling

    1) From:     kwhitman at
       Subject:  Multi-Lingual Computational Ling in Burlington, Mass.
    2) From:     hgregg at (Heather Gregg)
       Subject:  German or Spanish Computational Ling in Seattle, Washington

  10.472, Books: Syntax

    1) From:     milly.neate at
       Subject:  Syntax Textbooks

  10.473, Books: Phonology

    1) From:     Damon Zucca <damon_zucca at>
       Subject:  Optimality Theoretic Treatment of Phonological Asymmetries

  10.474, Books: Finno-Ugric Langs

    1) From:     Johanna Laakso <jolaakso at>
       Subject:  Development of Mordvin Definite Conjugation, Laszlo Keresztes

  10.475, Review: Habermas: On the Pragmatics of Communication

    1) From:     "Radu Daniliuc [Shared]" <srdan at>
       Subject:  Review: J. Habermas - "On the Pragmatics of Communicatoin"

  10.476, Calls: Discourse & Learning, Language Technologies

    1) From:     LDTAP99 <ldtap99 at>
       Subject:  Discourses and Learning: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives
    2) From:     Spela Vintar <spela.vintar at>
       Subject:  Workshop on Language Technologies

  10.477, Qs: Learning proficiency, Bilingual Education

    1) From:     YOU Zhen <youzhen at>
       Subject:  Aptitude test & learning proficiency
    2) From:     456lucas at
       Subject:  Bilingual Education

  10.478, Confs: User Modelling

    1) From:     "Julita Vassileva" <jiv at>
       Subject:  UM99 Registration Deadline Approaching!

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