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  10.1662, Qs: Interlanguage Pragmatics

    1) From:     zheng98 at
       Subject:  interlanguage pragmatics(transfer)

  10.1663, Qs: Homophonous Affixes, Intuitional Mechanics

    1) From:     mike_maxwell at
       Subject:  homophonous affixes
    2) From:     "Arlyn Freed" <arlynou at>
       Subject:  searching for "lost" essay of Gustave Guillaume

  10.1664, Sum: Lexical Semantics

    1) From:     Heidi Harley <hharley at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  Lexical semantics readings, one more time

  10.1665, Confs: Societa Italiana di Glottologia

    1) From:     Giuliano Bernini <gbernini at>
       Subject:  Annual Conference of the Societa Italiana di Glottologia

  10.1666, Sum: OFTEN pronounced with t

    1) From:     "Neal R. Norrick" <n.norrick at>
       Subject:  OFTEN pronounced with t

  10.1667, Jobs: American Sign Lang, Computational Ling

    1) From:     Mary.Louise.Willbrand at     mary.willbrand at
       Subject:  ASL: Asst/Associate Prof at University of Utah, Utah USA
    2) From:     "Noord G.J.M. van" <vannoord at>
       Subject:  Comp Ling: Teaching/ Univ of Groningen, Netherlands

  10.1668, Calls: General Ling/Kentucky, TESOL/Book

    1) From:     Gregory Stump <gstump at>
       Subject:  General Linguistics: Kentucky Foreign Language Conference
    2) From:     Irene Brosnahan <itbrosna at>
       Subject:  TESOL: Papers for a book

  10.1669, Jobs: TESOL, Computational Linguistics

    1) From:     Michael Richardson <i_c_e_a at>
       Subject:  TESOL: Teaching/ at ICEA, Taichung Taiwan
    2) From:     Wei Li <wei at>
       Subject:  Comp Ling: Research Scientist/ at Cymfony Inc., NY USA

  10.1670, Calls: TESOL/Acquisition, Generative Linguistics

    1) From:     Misha Becker <mbecker at>
       Subject:  TESOL: Acquisition Workshop at WCCFL 19
    2) From:     Congreso Glow 2000 <ficglow at>
       Subject:  Generative Linguistics: GLOW 2000

  10.1671, Jobs: French Ling, Functional/Cogn/Typological Ling

    1) From:     "Barbara S. Vance" <bvance at>
       Subject:  French Applied Ling: Visiting Prof/ at Indiana University, US
    2) From:     Scott DeLancey <delancey at>
       Subject:  Functional/Cognitive/Typologycal Ling: Univ of Oregon, US

  10.1672, Sum: Bell's Audience Design, Re: Issue 10.1588

    1) From:     Ludmila Dutkova <ldutkova at>
       Subject:  Audience Design

  10.1673, Qs: Ling/Soc-Econ Development,Semantics/Speech&Lang

    1) From:     Niladri Sekhar Dash" <niladrisekhar at>
       Subject:  Ling vis-a-vis Socio-economic development
    2) From:     "I. Mennen" <I.C.H.E.Mennen at>
       Subject:  Semantics for speech & language therapy students

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