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  10.1674, Qs: re&Particle Delete,Info Retrieve/Knowledge Base

    1) From:     Roderick McGuire <mcguire at>
       Subject:  "re-" morphology and particle deletion
    2) From:     Corinne Moore <moorec3 at>
       Subject:  Information Retrieval, Knowledge Bases and Controlled Language

  10.1675, Calls: Artificial Intelligence, Germanic Lingustics

    1) From:     Joscha Bach <bach at>
       Subject:  ECAI 2000 and PAIS 2000
    2) From:     irauch at (Irmengard Rauch)
       Subject:  Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable "Call for Papers"

  10.1676, Confs: Romance Languages: "Going Romance"

    1) From:     "Jeroen van de Weijer" <vdweijer2000 at>
       Subject:  Romance languages

  10.1677, Qs: Nasal Release, Hebrew/Phonology, Syllables

    1) From:     tner at (Jonathan Centner)
       Subject:  Nasal release in Russian
    2) From:     Melissa Barkat <Melissa.Barkat at>
       Subject:  Hebrew phonological/phonetic description references
    3) From:     Anatol Stefanowitsch <anatol at>
       Subject:  Syllables: English/French/Japanese/Spanish

  10.1678, Confs: The Semiotics of Writing/ Univ of San Marino

    1) From:     "Dssc" <dssc at>
       Subject:  The Semiotics of Writing/ Univ of San Marino

  10.1679, Calls: Lang Technology Joint Conf/ANLP-NAACL2000

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  ANLP-NAACL2000 Submission Notification Form Now Available

  10.1680, Qs: Sino-Tibetan Ling, Lang/Law, Parents/Voice

    1) From:     Zhensheng Geng <zgeng001 at>
       Subject:  Sino-Tibetan Linguistics
    2) From:     "Charles T. Scott" <ctscott at>
       Subject:  Language and Law
    3) From:     Rob Pensalfini <r.pensalfini at>
       Subject:  Parents' Vocal Manipulation

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