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  11.1509, Review: Archibald: 2nd Lang Acq. & Ling Theory

    1) From:     "Antrim, Nancy Mae" <nantrim at>
       Subject:  Review Archibald

  11.1510, Review: Lasnik: Syntactic Structures Revisited

    1) From:     Michael Moss <mmoss at>

  11.1511, Review: Bloom: How Children Learn the Meaning of Words

    1) From:     Bart Geurts <bart.geurts at>
       Subject:  Review Bloom 2000

  11.1512, TOC: Journal of English Linguistics

    1) From:     Charles Meyer <meyer at>
       Subject:  Journal of English Linguistics, Vol 28, Num 2, June 2000

  11.1513, Books: Cognitive Linguistics

    1) From:     tdaul at
       Subject:  Cognitive Ling: Slips of the Ear, Z. Bond

  11.1514, TOC: Germanic Ling & Semiotic Analysis

    1) From:     "C. Sean Ketchem" <ketchem at>
       Subject:  Interdisciplinary J for Germanic Ling & Semiotic Analysis, 5:1

  11.1515, TOC: Linguistics and Philosophy

    1) From:     kap-listman at
       Subject:  Linguistics and Philosophy, Vol. 23, Issue 3

  11.1516, TOC: Computers and the Humanities

    1) From:     "Nancy M. Ide" <ide at>
       Subject:  Computers and the Humanities: Special Issue on SENSEVAL

  11.1517, Sum: Distance Learning Intro to Ling Course

    1) From:     "William J. Crawford" <wcrawfor at>
       Subject:  Distance Learning Intro to Ling Course

  11.1518, Calls: SigDIAL/Discourse/Dialogue, Bilingualism

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  ACL'2000 - SigDIAL Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue
    2) From:     Nicholas Ostler <nostler at>
       Subject:  Bilingualism at the Ends of the Earth: Waikato 24-26 xi 2000

  11.1519, Confs: LAGB: Linguistics at School

    1) From:     "E.Jaworska" <e.jaworska at>
       Subject:  LAGB: Linguistics at School

  11.1520, Confs: Japanese Society for Language Sciences

    1) From:     Susanne Miyata <smiyata at>
       Subject:  Japanese Society for Language Sciences (JSLS 2000)

  11.1521, Jobs: Senior Macintosh Programmer/SignStream Project

    1) From:     carol <carol at>
       Subject:  Senior Macintosh Programmer for the SignStream Project

  11.1522, TOC: Coyote Papers: U of Arizona WPiL

    1) From:     "Erin O'Bryan" <obryan at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  Coyote Papers: University of Arizona WPiL, Poster Session of WCCFL 18

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