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  11.1523, Confs: Grammar and Lexis - U of London/UK

    1) From:     Bas Aarts <b.aarts at>
       Subject:  Grammar and Lexis - Symposium/ University of London, UK

  11.1524, FYI: Search - Editor of "Cognitive Science"

    1) From:     Colleen Seifert <seifert at>
       Subject:  Search - Editor of "Cognitive Science: A Multidisciplinary  Journal"

  11.1525, Calls: Discourse & Dialogue, Language Processing

    1) From:     Pamela Jordan <pjordan+ at>
       Subject:  Discourse and  Dialogue - ACL 2000/ Extension to July 17th
    2) From:     Martina Penke <penke at>
       Subject:  Neurocognition of Language Processing - Leipzig, Germany

  11.1526, Calls: Word Senses and Multi-Linguality/ ACL'2000

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  Word Senses and Multi-Linguality Workshop/ ACL'2000

  11.1527, Sum: Ling Grad Students as Foreign Lang Instructors

    1) From:     "Stan Dubinsky" <Dubinsk at>
       Subject:  Ling Grad Students as Foreign Lang Instructors

  11.1528, Jobs: English Phonetics/phonology,Université de Paris

    1) From:     Michael o'Neil <o'neil at>
       Subject:  English Phonetics/phonology: Maître de langue at Université de Paris

  11.1529, Jobs: ASL Ling Assist Prof, U of Manitoba Canada

    1) From:     L.A.MacDonald <lingdpt at (attn: L.A. MacDonald)>
       Subject:  ASL Linguistics: Assist Prof at U of Manitoba, Manitoba Canada

  11.1530, Jobs: Phonetics/Phonology/EFL, St. Andrew's Univ

    1) From:     Kevin R. Gregg <gregg at>
       Subject:  Phonetics/Phonology/EFL: St. Andrew's Univ (Momoyama Gakuin Daigaku)

  11.1531, Jobs: Cognitive Ling/Discourse/Semantics/Psycholing

    1) From:     Chair Department Personnel Committee <linguist at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Ling/Discourse/Semantics: Assist Prof at U of Hawai'i Manoa
    2) From:     Chair Department Personnel Committee <linguist at>
       Subject:  Psycholinguistics: Assist Professor at University of Hawai'i at Manoa

  11.1532, Qs: Ling for the Blind, Crosswords in Other Scripts

    1) From:     JPKIRCHNER at
       Subject:  Linguistics for the blind
    2) From:     Oesten Dahl <dahl at>
       Subject:  Crosswords in other scripts

  11.1533, Confs: Berkeley Formal Grammar Conf 2000/Program

    1) From:     Andreas Kathol <kathol at socrates.Berkeley.EDU>
       Subject:  Berkeley Formal Grammar Conference 2000--Final Program

  11.1534, Jobs: Second Language Studies, University of Hawai'i

    1) From:     Robert Bley-Vroman <vroman at>
       Subject:  Linguistic Analysis of L2/Syntax/Phonology: Prof at U of Hawaii
    2) From:     Robert Bley-Vroman <vroman at>
       Subject:  Director of Hawaii English Language Program at University of Hawaii
    3) From:     Robert Bley-Vroman <vroman at>
       Subject:  Creole/Non-Standard Varieties: Researcher at U of Hawaii

  11.1535, Books: Theoretical Linguistics, Sign Languages

       Subject:  Theoretical Linguistics: C. Lehmann, Y. M. Shin & E. Verhoeven
       Subject:  Sign Languages: Ulrike Zeshan

  11.1536, Books: Phonetics, African Linguistics

       Subject:  Phonetics: A Dictionary of Phonetics, Solomon I. & Sara, S.J.
       Subject:  African Linguistics: Aspects of Dagbani Grammar, Knut J. Olawsky

  11.1537, Calls: ACL 2000/NLP & IR, Machine Translation

    1) From:     Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse at>
       Subject:  ACL'2000 - Recent Advances in NLP & IR Workshop - Final Call
    2) From:     Laurie Gerber <lgerber at>
       Subject:  Machine Translation Users Workshop

  11.1538, Confs: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

    1) From:     "M.Groefsema" <M.Groefsema at>
       Subject:  LAGB Autumn Meeting, University of Durham

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