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  11.1897, Calls: Language Technology, Hybrid Logics

    1) From:     Amy Berdann <berdann at>
       Subject:  Language Technology - JHU CLSP Workshop 2001
    2) From:     Carlos Areces <carlos at>
       Subject:  Hybrid Logics (HyLo 2000)

  11.1898, Calls: Rumelhart Prize/Cognition, Language Testers

    1) From:     David E Rumelhart Prize <derprize at>
       Subject:  THE RUMELHART PRIZE Announcement and Call for Nominations
    2) From:     Mary C Spaan <mcspaan at>
       Subject:  Midwest Association of Language Testers (MwALT) Conference

  11.1899, Jobs: NSF Program Director for Linguistics

    1) From:     "Ball, Catherine" <cball at>
       Subject:  NSF Program Director for Linguistics

  11.1900, Jobs: Bahasa Malay: ISS Consultants, Inc., OREGON USA

    1) From:     Michael McBride <mikem at>
       Subject:  Bahasa Malay: ISS Consultants, Inc., OREGON USA

  11.1901, Jobs: Swiss Linguists: Freelance name evaluations

    1) From:     Andrea Bloom <globalID at>
       Subject:  Swiss Linguists: Freelance name evaluations: Lionbridge, California USA

  11.1902, Jobs: Programmer: IBM, NC USA

    1) From:     Mike Barnhouse <barnhse at>
       Subject:  Programmer: IBM, NC USA

  11.1903, Jobs: Bahasa Malay Linguist,WTB Language Group Canada

    1) From:     Huiping Zhang <hzhang at>
       Subject:  Bahasa Malay Linguist at WTB Language Group Inc., Ontario Canada

  11.1904, Qs: Written English/Ireland, Periphrastic Causative

    1) From:     Geoffrey Sampson <geoffs at>
       Subject:  Irish written English
    2) From:     YANAGI Tomohiro <yanagi_t at>
       Subject:  periphrastic causatives

  11.1905, Review: Kirk: Corpora Galore

    1) From:     j.mukherjee at
       Subject:  Review Corpora Galore reformatted

  11.1906, Review: Romaine: Communicating Gender

    1) From:     Lauren Hall-Lew <lah at>
       Subject:  Re: Romaine Review, did this arrive?

  11.1907, Jobs: Syntax/Morphology Assist Prof, U of California

    1) From:     Lesley Byrns <labyrns at>
       Subject:  Syntax/Morphology: Assist Prof at University of California Davis USA

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