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  11.1908, Disc: New: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

    1) From:     Lotfi at
       Subject:  New Discussion: Is our linguistics 'thing'uistics?

  11.1909, Disc: New: Kirk: Corpora Galore

    1) From:     Ronald_Sheen at UQTR.UQuebec.CA (Ronald Sheen)
       Subject:  Re: 11.1905, Review: Kirk: Corpora Galore

  11.1910, Qs: Color Terms, Situational Sp. Comprehension

    1) From:     "Zakhar Ling" <zkling at>
       Subject:  Colour terms in exotic languages
    2) From:     PezBoySka at
       Subject:  Situational Speech and Comprehension

  11.1911, Confs: Agent Interaction & Agent Learning Workshops

    1) From:     Anton Nijholt <anijholt at>
       Subject:  Speakers at Workshop "Interacting Agents"

  11.1912, Jobs: Urdu Linguist, Lernout & Hauspie Belgium

    1) From:     Nico_Steyaert%LHS at
       Subject:  Urdu Linguist at Lernout & Hauspie, Ieper, Belgium

  11.1913, Calls: Dialect Contact, Planning & Scheduling

    1) From:     Patricia Poussa <patricia.poussa at>
       Subject:  Dialect Contact and History on the North Sea Littoral
    2) From:     Daniel Ballin <d.ballin at>
       Subject:  19th Workshop UK Planning & Scheduling SIG

  11.1914, Jobs: Linguistic Anthropologist/Sociologist

    1) From:     Barbara Kelly <kelly at>
       Subject:  Linguistic Anthropologist/Sociologist: Lexicon Branding, Inc, CA USA

  11.1915, Jobs: 12 Ling positions: Utrecht Institute of Ling

    1) From:     Jan Don <Jan.Don at>
       Subject:  12 positions in Linguistics: Utrecht Institute of Linguistics

  11.1916, Jobs: Spanish Socioling AssistProf,Arizona State Univ

    1) From:     David W.Foster <david.foster at>
       Subject:  Socioling(Spanish of the Southwest): Assist.Prof, Arizona State Univ.

  11.1917, Jobs: French Linguistic Testing, LionBridge Tech.

    1) From:     Dana Cleary <Dana_Cleary at>
       Subject:  French Linguistic Testing:  LionBridge Technologies, California

  11.1918, Qs: Proficiency assessment, Portmanteau Pronouns

    1) From:     Gary Jasdzewski <gary at>
       Subject:  Proficiency assessment
    2) From:     davidgil <gil at>
       Subject:  Portmanteau Pronouns

  11.1919, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

    1) From:     "guillermo soto" <gsoto at>
       Subject:  RE:11.1908, Disc:Linguistics & Nominalising Languages
    2) From:     Dan Moonhawk Alford <dalford at>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1908, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

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