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  11.1969, Calls: Lexicography, Computational Semantics

    1) From:     Asialexlist <asialex at>
       Subject:  2001 Asian Association for Lexicography (ASIALEX)
    2) From:     Harry Bunt <Harry.Bunt at>
       Subject:  Computational Semantics 4 - deadline extension

  11.1970, Sum: The @ Sign/Addendum

    1) From:     karchung <karchung at>
       Subject:  The @ sign (3)

  11.1971, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Langs/Last Posting

    1) From:     Dan Moonhawk Alford <dalford at>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1965, Disc: Linguistics & Nominalising Languages

  11.1972, FYI: Metathesis Website/Addendum

    1) From:     steven donahue <sdonah01 at>
       Subject:  Re: 11.1956, FYI: Metathesis Website, Pitch Transcription Online

  11.1973, Calls: Paradigm Uniformity

    1) From:     Tracy Hall <hall at>
       Subject:  Conference on Paragigm Uniformity

  11.1974, Support: Lang Processing & Ling/4 Stipends/Australia

    1) From:     John Ingram <j.ingram at>
       Subject:  4 stipends/Language Processing and Linguistics

  11.1975, Confs: Workshop on English Intonation

    1) From:     Paul Warren <Paul.Warren at>
       Subject:  Workshop on English Intonation, New Zealand

  11.1976, Confs: Boston Univ Conf on Language Development

    1) From:     Applied Linguistics Program <linguist at>
       Subject:  Boston University Conference on Language Development

  11.1977, Jobs: Psycholing: Postdoc Research, U of York, UK

    1) From:     Gareth Gaskell <g.gaskell at>
       Subject:  Jobs: Psycholinguistics Postdoc, University of York, UK

  11.1978, Jobs: CogSci: Professor, UL-Lafayette, USA

    1) From:     "Claude G. Cech" <cech at>
       Subject:  Cognitive Science: Assoc Prof/Senior Assist Prof at UL-Lafayette

  11.1979, Jobs: NLP, Machine Learning: Researcher, DFKI

    1) From:     Paul Buitelaar <paulb at>
       Subject:  (Senior) Researcher: Machine Learning for NLP, Saarbrucken, Germany

  11.1980, Jobs: Algorithm Building: Analyst, Mingsee Inc, CA

    1) From:     Christianne Pang <cpang at>
       Subject:  Algorithm building: Analyst at Mingsee, Inc., CA US

  11.1981, Jobs: AI/NLP: Engineer: WebTone Technologies, GA, USA

    1) From:     D.Cochran <itjobs at>
       Subject:  AI: Engineer, WebTone Technologies, Georgia USA

  11.1982, Qs: VARBRUL/Salient Factors, MT Evaluations

    1) From:     "gill cai" <caiyyx at>
       Subject:  Salient factors using the VARBRUL program
    2) From:     "Tim Read" <tread at>
       Subject:  Machine translation evaluations wanted

  11.1983, Qs: Native Lang Denigration,Multi-Lingual Wordlists

    1) From:     HMooney at
       Subject:  Negative Views of Languages by Native Speakers
    2) From:     "Laila Lalami" <laila at>
       Subject:  Wordlists in Two Languages

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