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  11.1984, Review: Green: New Perspectives on Teaching Mod Lang

    1) From:     Dalila Ayoun <ayoun at U.Arizona.EDU>
       Subject:  book review

  11.1985, Review: Kecskes & Papp: Foreign Lang & Mother Tongue

    1) From:     Ingrid Piller <ingrid.piller at>
       Subject:  Kecskes Review

  11.1986, Disc: Kirk: Corpora Galore

    1) From:     j.mukherjee at
       Subject:  Re:      11.1909, Disc: New: Kirk: Corpora Galore

  11.1987, Qs: Categorical Sound Discrimination, "End-focus"

    1) From:     Sean P McGrew <spmcgrew at>
       Subject:  infant categorical sound discrimination
    2) From:     Denis Jamet <denis.jamet at>
       Subject:  end-focus

  11.1988, Calls: Brain Machine, Digital Media/Humanities

    1) From:     Ugur HALICI <halici at>
       Subject:  Brain Machine Workshop, 20-22 Dec 2000, Ankara
    2) From:     hunyadi at (Laszlo Hunyadi)
       Subject:  Digital Media and Humanities Research: ACH/ALLC Conference

  11.1989, Jobs: Spanish Applied Linguistics: Penn State Univ

    1) From:     Jim Lantolf <JPL7 at PSU.EDU>
       Subject:  Spanish Applied Linguistics: Penn State University, PA US

  11.1990, Jobs: Spanish: Translation/Interpretation

    1) From:     Andrew Sobiesuo <sobiesuoa at>
       Subject:  Spanish: Translation/Interpretation, College of Charleston, SC

  11.1991, Jobs: Phonology: U of Ottawa, Ontario Canada

    1) From:     "André", Lapierre at,   Chair <lapierre at>
       Subject:  Phonology: Assist or Assoc Prof at U of Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  11.1992, Jobs: Comp Ling: Postdoctoral position at Brown U, RI

    1) From:     "mj1" <mj1 at>
       Subject:  Comp Ling: Postdoctoral position at Brown U, RI

  11.1993, Jobs: Formal Syntax/Assist Prof/U of British Columbia

    1) From:     Dr.Douglas at, Pulleyblank at,   Head <dcarmen at>
       Subject:  Formal Syntax: Assist Professor at U of British Columbia, B.C. Canada

  11.1994, Jobs: Applied Ling: Assist Prof, Georgia Southern U

    1) From:     Dr.Michael Pemberton <michaelp at>
       Subject:  Applied Ling: Assist Prof at Georgia Southern U, GA USA

  11.1995, Jobs: Phonology and/or Phonetics: MIT, MA USA

    1) From:     Cheryl Zoll <czoll at>
       Subject:  Phonology and/or Phonetics: open-rank at MIT, MA USA

  11.1996, Jobs: Modified (Issue#11.1967), U of Witwatersrand

    1) From:     Simon Donnelly <104simon at>
       Subject:  Modified (Issue#11.1967): Linguistics Lecturers at U of Witwatersrand

  11.1997, TOC: Naturally! (Festschrift)

    1) From:     "John R. Rennison" <104john at>
       Subject:  Naturally! Linguistic studies in honour of Wolfgang Ulrich Dressler

  11.1998, Sum: "4U"-Type Constructions

    1) From:     Lorenz Hofer <Lorenz.Hofer at>
       Subject:  "4U"-Type Constructions

  11.1999, Sum: The Syntax of Comparative Constructions

    1) From:     "Lucia Grimaldi" <grimaldi at>
       Subject:  The Syntax of Comparative Constructions

  11.2000, Confs: Gullah Conference

    1) From:     "Paul D. Fallon" <pfallon at>
       Subject:  Gullah Conference

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