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  11.2030, Jobs: TESOL/Ling Prof, National Kaohsiung First Univ.

    1) From:     Dr.Feng-Sheng Hung <rhung at>
       Subject:  TESOL/Ling: Assis/Assoc Prof at National Kaohsiung First Univ

  11.2031, Disc: New/Re: Review of Green

    1) From:     "jose luis guijarro" <guijarro at>
       Subject:  RE:11.1984, Review: Green: New Perspectives on Teaching Mod Lang

  11.2032, FYI: Japanese Speech Recognition

    1) From:     "Junko Ariyama" <junko.ariyama at>
       Subject:  Japanese Speech Recognition

  11.2033, Support: Prosody - Interdisciplinary PhD Studentship

    1) From:     Fred Cummins <fred.cummins at>
       Subject:  Prosody - Interdisciplinary PhD Studentship/ Dublin

  11.2034, Disc: Corrected/New/Re: Review of Green

    1) From:     "jose luis guijarro" <guijarro at>
       Subject:  Language teaching and communicative methodology

  11.2035, Jobs: NLP: Software Dev at Lexeme Inc, MA USA

    1) From:     Joan Shulman <jobs at>
       Subject:  Software Development: Senior at Lexeme Inc., MA USA

  11.2036, Jobs: Lang Acq: Asst Prof at Georgetown U, USA

    1) From:     Alison Mackey <linguistics at>
       Subject:  Lang acq (bilingual, first, and/or second): Asst Prof at Georgetown U, Washington, DC, US

  11.2037, Jobs: Phonology: Researcher at ZAS, Berlin, Germany

    1) From:     T.A.HAll <hall at>
       Subject:  Phonologist: at ZAS, Berlin, Germany

  11.2038, Jobs: ESL: short-term instructor, Bulgaria

    1) From:     Dr.Lynne D'Amico-Reisner <damicolynne at>
       Subject:  ESL: instructor at Georgetown Uni/USAID, short-term training at Bulgaria

  11.2039, Jobs: Speech Recog/Grammar Dev at Mitercom, Canada

    1) From:     Peter MacKie <careers at>
       Subject:  Grammar Development: at Mitercom Inc, Ontario Canada

  11.2040, Jobs: SLA: Asst Prof, Illinois U at Urbana-Champaign

    1) From:     Fred Davidson <fgd at>
       Subject:  SLA: Asst Prof at U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

  11.2041, Confs: Japanese/Korean Linguistics

    1) From:     iwasaki at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU (Shoichi Iwasaki)
       Subject:  Japanese/Korean Linguistics (final program)

  11.2042, Qs: Automated Pitch Analysis,Undergrad Ling Major

    1) From:     Sean Armstrong <seadan at>
       Subject:  Software for Automated Pitch Analysis
    2) From:     Richrd Cameron <rcameron at>
       Subject:  Help with Proposal for Undergrad Major in Linguistics

  11.2043, Qs: Statistical Packages, Linguists' Birth Dates

    1) From:     "gill cai" <caiyyx at>
       Subject:  Advice on Statistical Packages
    2) From:     "Mora - Graffi" <moragraf at>
       Subject:  Linguists' Birth Dates

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