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  11.2044, Calls: Japanese Linguistics, Bilingualism

    1) From:     Ken Hiraiwa <hiraiwa at MIT.EDU>
       Subject:  The 3rd Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics (FAJL3) at MIT
    2) From:     "Treffers-Daller, Jeanine" <Jeanine.Treffers-Daller at>
       Subject:  3rd International Symposium on Bilingualism

  11.2045, Calls: Semantics/Pragmatics of Dialogue, Phonology

    1) From:     root <root at>
       Subject:  Semantics/Pragmatics of Dialogue - BI-DIALOG 2001
    2) From:     ruben van de vijver <ruben at>
       Subject:  Phonology Conference (HILP 5)

  11.2046, Confs: Slavic Ling in German Speaking Countries IX

    1) From:     dr.elisabeth.seitz at (Dr. Elisabeth Seitz)
       Subject:  Slavic Ling in German Speaking Countries IX

  11.2047, Confs: Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS) Conference

    1) From:     "Sylvain Neuvel" <sneuvel at>
       Subject:  Upcoming Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS) Conference

  11.2048, Jobs: Chinese, Hindi/Urdu: Open at U of Minnesota, US

    1) From:     Joseph R.Allen <jrallen at>
       Subject:  Chinese Lang: Open at U of Minnesota, MN, USA
    2) From:     Joseph R.Allen <jrallen at>
       Subject:  Hindi and/or Urdu Lang: Open at U of Minnesota, MN, USA

  11.2049, Jobs: Syntax Assist Prof, McGill Univ Canada

    1) From:     Lise Vinette <lvinet at>
       Subject:  Syntax: Assistant Professor at McGill University, Quebec Canada

  11.2050, TOC: International Journal of Bilingualism

    1) From:     "Brian M. Draper" <b.draper at>
       Subject:  The 'International Journal of Bilingualism' Vol.4, No.3

  11.2051, Qs: Complete Language Tree, Blumstein et al.

    1) From:     fredblank.bayberrytravel at
       Subject:  Searching for a Complete Language Tree
    2) From:     Pier Marco Bertinetto <bertiNET at>
       Subject:  Searching for "Blumstein et al."

  11.2052, Disc: Re: Review of Green

    1) From:     j.mukherjee at
       Subject:  Disc: New/Re: Review of Green

  11.2053, Disc: Kirk: Corpora Galore

    1) From:     Ronald_Sheen at UQTR.UQuebec.CA (Ronald Sheen)
       Subject:  Re: 11.1986, Disc: Kirk: Corpora Galore

  11.2054, Qs: Phonetics Text/Undergrad, LPC Sp. Re-synthesis

    1) From:     Rumiko Sode <rsode at>
       Subject:  Phonetics/phonology textbook for undergrads
    2) From:     peter dennis viechnicki <pdviechn at>
       Subject:  lpc re-synthesis

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