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  13.1252, Calls: Discourse Analysis:Tourist Texts

    1) From:     Baider Fabienne <fabienne at>
       Subject:  Call for papers "Discours Touristique/Tourist Discourse"

  13.1253, Books: Conference Proceedings - FAJL 3

    1) From:     Ora Matushansky <matushan at MIT.EDU>
       Subject:  Conference Proceedings - MITWPL 41 - FAJL 3

  13.1254, Books: Phonology:MIT Working Papers in Linguistics

    1) From:     Ora Matushansky <matushan at MIT.EDU>
       Subject:  Phonology - MITWPL 42 - Phonological Answers

  13.1255, FYI: Lang Policy, Corpora Game

    1) From:     Wayne Wright <Wayne.Wright at>
       Subject:  Language Policy Research Unit website
    2) From:     Rada Mihalcea <rada at>
       Subject:  A new project: Open Mind Word Expert

  13.1256, Confs: General Ling, Purdue Ling Student Conference

    1) From:     "Scott Baxter" <baxters at>
       Subject:  1st Purdue Linguistics Student Conference

  13.1257, Jobs: Romance Languages, Ling: Prof, U/Amsterdam

    1) From:     Mr H.A.(Hotze) Mulder <hmulder at>
       Subject:  Romance Ling: full prof, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  13.1258, Jobs: Natural Lang Processing: Text Extraction, WA

    1) From:     Lisa Albright <lisa at>
       Subject:  NLP for Text Extraction:  at Intelligent Results, Washington USA

  13.1259, Jobs: General Ling: AsstProf-Univ of Connecticut, USA

    1) From:     Diane Lillo-Martin <wwwcrlng at>
       Subject:  General Ling: AsstProf, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT USA

  13.1260, Support: Baltic Summer Studies, Urbana-Champaign IL USA

    1) From:     "Jonathan Z. Ludwig" <ludwig1 at>
       Subject:  Baltic Summer Studies Institute Fellowships, Urbana-Champaign, IL USA

  13.1261, Qs: Gesture & Speech, Transfer/French Interlanguage

    1) From:     julia nikolaeva <lis_julia at>
       Subject:  question gesture and speech
    2) From:     Jean-Marc Dewaele <j.dewaele at >
       Subject:  Transfer in French interlanguage

  13.1262, Calls: Argument Structure, General Ling

    1) From:     Tanmoy Bhattacharya <tanmoy at>
       Subject:  Argument Structure
    2) From:     Peter Gingiss <pjgingiss at>
       Subject:  LASSO

  13.1263, Calls: Germanic Ling, Semantic Networks

    1) From:     ellyvangelderen at
       Subject:  Call For Papers
    2) From:     grace at
       Subject:  CFP: DEADLINE EXTENDED for SemaNet'02: COLING-2002 Workshop on          Building and Using Semantic Networks

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