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  13.1264, FYI: Endangered Lang/Asturian, ICE Singapore Corpus

    1) From:      Xulio  Viejo <jviejo at>
       Subject:   Endangered languages at the University: Asturian
    2) From:     Gerald Nelson <ganelson at>
       Subject:  ICE Singapore Corpus now available

  13.1265, Jobs: Modified: Syntax: AsstProf, U/Connecticut, USA

    1) From:     Diane Lillo-Martin <wwwcrlng at>
       Subject:  Modified Re: 13.1259: Syntax: AsstProf, Univ/Connecticut, USA

  13.1266, TOC: Journal of Pragmatics, Vol.34 No.7

    1) From:     "Neden, Julie (ELS)" <j.neden at>
       Subject:  Journal of Pragmatics, 05291, Vol 34 Iss 7

  13.1267, Books: Applied Ling:Discourse Intonation in L2

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Discourse Intonation in L2 by D.M.Chun

  13.1268, Books: Pragmatics:Gender in Interaction

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject: Gender in Interaction by B.Baron & H.Kotthoff (eds)

  13.1269, Books: Syntax:Issues in Formal German(ic) Typology

    1) From:     paul at
       Subject:  Issues in Formal German(ic) Typology by W.Abraham & C.J.Zwart (eds)

  13.1270, Sum: French Textbooks in General Ling

    1) From:     "GBidoric" <gbidoric at>
       Subject:  Textbooks

  13.1271, Confs: Theoretical Ling, Bar-Ilan University

    1) From:     "Jeannette Schaeffer" <jschaef at>
       Subject:  IATL 18

  13.1272, Books: Sociolinguistics: Beyond Boundaries

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject:  Beyond boundaries by P.Gubbins & M.Holt (eds)

  13.1273, Books: Translation-Mediated Communication

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject:  Translation-Mediated Communication in a Digital World by D.Ashworth & M. O'Hagan

  13.1274, Books: Phonological Development in Specific Contexts

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject:  Phonological Development in Specific Contexts by Zhu Hua

  13.1275, Books: Socioling: Power, prestige and Bilingualism

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject: Power, prestige and Bilingualism by Anne-Marie  de Mejia

  13.1276, Books: Sociolinguistics, Elaine Mellen Day

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject: Identity and the Young English Language Learner by Elaine Mellen Day

  13.1277, Books: Applied Ling:Portraits of the L2 User

    1) From:     kathryn at
       Subject:  Portraits of the L2 User by Vivian Cook (ed.)

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