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  13.1415, Jobs: ESL: AssocProf/Instructor, Kansai U, Japan

    1) From:     Yutaka Kitamura <gaiji at>
       Subject:  ESL/TESOL: Associate Prof or Instructor at Kansai Univ, Osaka Japan

  13.1416, Qs: "Point of View", Dictionaries & L2

    1) From:     palma <palma at>
       Subject:  logico linguistic question about the operator
    2) From:     Sabine Prechter <sabine.prechter at>
       Subject:  Dictionary Techniques for Adult Learners?

  13.1417, Review: Anthropological Ling: Di Luzio et al. (2001)

    1) From:     Suzhen Zhuang <zhuangsuzhen at>
       Subject:  Di Luzio et al. (2001) Culture in Communication

  13.1418, Diss: Applied Ling: Pekoz "Effects of..."

    1) From:     bpekoz at
       Subject:  Applied Ling: Pekoz "Effects of Task Interest..."

  13.1419, Diss: Lang Description: Abdel-Hafiz "Reference..."

    1) From:     sokarno2001 at
       Subject:  Lang Description: Abdel-Hafiz "Reference Grammar of Kunuz Nubian"

  13.1420, Calls: Lang Acquisition, Theoretical Ling

    1) From:     Going Romance 2002 <Going.Romance2002 at
       Subject:  CFP - First & Second Language Acquisition
    2) From:     hdls <hdls at>
       Subject:  HDLS V, 2002   First Call for Papers

  13.1421, Calls: Politeness & Power, Semantics & Pragmatics

    1) From:     "B.L. DAVIES" <lnpbld at ARTS-01.NOVELL.LEEDS.AC.UK>
       Subject:  Linguistic Politeness Research - Politeness & Power
    2) From:     Regine Eckardt <regine.eckardt at>
       Subject:  Call for papers: SuB 2002

  13.1422, Review: Sociolinguistics: Pan et al (2002)

    1) From:     David Deterding <dhdeter at>
       Subject:  Pan, Scollon & Scollon (2002) Professional Communication

  13.1423, FYI: Academic Database, Generative Linguists

    1) From:     Michael Mauws <mkmauws at>
       Subject:  Academic database & directory
    2) From:     Marianna Pool <mpool at>
       Subject:  Seeking generative linguists in Colombia

  13.1424, Confs: Natural Lang Processing,Universidade do Algarve

    1) From:     PorTAL PC-Chairs <PorTAL at>

  13.1425, Confs: Semantics/Information Management

    1) From:     "Claude de Loupy" <clou at>
       Subject:  LREC Workshop: call for participation

  13.1426, Confs: Natural Lang Processing/Parsing Systems

    1) From:     John Carroll <johnca at>
       Subject:  LREC2002: Beyond PARSEVAL Workshop -- Call for Participation

  13.1427, TOC: Folia Linguistica, Vol.35 No.3-4

    1) From:     Julia Ulrich <Julia.Ulrich at>
       Subject:  Folia Linguistica Vol. XXXV/3-4 (2001)

  13.1428, Review: Software: Concordance 3.0

    1) From:     Pernilla Danielsson <pernilla at>
       Subject:  Concordance 3.0 (software review)

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