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  13.1429, Qs: Project Gutenberg, Eng Word Formation/Survey

    1) From:     Ronald  Reck <rreck at>
       Subject:  String frequency & ontology for Project Gutenberg
    2) From:     "Pavol Stekauer" <stekpal at>
       Subject:  Word Formation Survey

  13.1430, Books: Socioling:Two-tiered Relexification in Yiddish

    1) From:     Julia Ulrich <Julia.Ulrich at>
       Subject: Two-tiered Relexification in Yiddish by Paul Wexler

  13.1431, Books: Socioling:The Dialects of England,P.Trudgill

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  The Dialects of England by Peter Trudgill

  13.1432, Books: Approaches to Media Discourse,A.Bell-P.Garrett

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  Approaches to Media Discourse Edited by Allan Bell & Peter Garrett

  13.1433, Books: Formal Pragmatics, N. Kadmon

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  Formal Pragmatics: Semantics, Pragmatics, Presupposition, and Focus by Nirit Kadmon

  13.1434, Review: Applied Linguistics: Larsen-Freeman (2000)

    1) From:     P. Ilangovan <lango at>
       Subject:  Larsen-Freeman (2000) Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching

  13.1435, Books: English Phonetics and Phonology, P.Carr

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  English Phonetics and Phonology: An Introduction by Philip Carr

  13.1436, Books: Pragmatics: An Introduction, J.Mey

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  Pragmatics: An Introduction - 2nd Edition  by Jacob Mey

  13.1437, Books: A Course in Phonology

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  A Course in Phonology by Iggy Roca and Wyn Johnson

  13.1438, Books: An Intro to Phonetics and Phonology

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology - 2nd Edition By John Clark and Colin Yallop

  13.1439, Books: Semantics, John Saeed

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  Semantics - 2nd Edition By John Saeed

  13.1440, Books: Natural Language Semantics, Keith Allan

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  Natural Language Semantics by Keith Allan

  13.1441, Books: Semantics:Meaning and Argument

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  Meaning and Argument: An Introduction to Logic through Language by Ernest Lepore

  13.1442, Books: Syntax, Adam Ledgeway

    1) From:     tmac at
       Subject:  A Comparative Syntax of the Dialects of Southern Italy: A Minimalist Approach by Adam Ledgeway

  13.1443, Calls: Social Ling&Lang Acquisition, Pacific Rim Lang

    1) From:     <utak at>
       Subject:  Final call for papers
    2) From:     Mary Jane Hurst <maryjane.hurst at>
       Subject:  Calls: Pacific Rim Languages

  13.1444, Media: Sumerian Dictionary Project/Article

    1) From:     "Karen S. Chung" <karchung at>
       Subject:  Sumerian dictionary project: Article and Project

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