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  14.2300, Sum: Meaning of Pitch in Music and Speech

    1) From:     Marie Safarova <M.Safarova at>
       Subject:  meaning of pitch in music and speech

  14.2301, Sum: Forms of Consent in Sociolinguistic Research

    1) From:     Astrid Fiess <astrid.fiess at>
       Subject:  informed consent

  14.2302, Qs: Markup Examples; Copula/Non-canonical Subjects

    1) From:     "peetm" <peet.morris at>
       Subject:  Markup Examples
    2) From:     J-C Khalifa <jck at>
       Subject:  Qs: non-canonical subjetcts in corpora (2), BE

  14.2303, Calls: Applied Ling/Thailand; Typology/Germany

    1) From:     chongld at
       Subject:  2003 ASIA CALL International Conference
    2) From:     stiebels at
       Subject:  Control Verbs in Cross-Linguistic Perspective

  14.2304, Books: Modified Issue 14.2243: Mattina, DeSautel

    1) From:     Anthony.Mattina at
       Subject:  Dora Noyes DeSautel |a k| captikWL: Mattina, DeSautel

  14.2305, Calls: Correction: Slovene Ling; Computational Ling

    1) From:     "Greenberg, Marc L" <mlg at>
       Subject:  Correction: Slovenski jezik/Slovene Linguistic Studies
    2) From:     pb at
       Subject:  Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles

  14.2306, Books: Translation, English (India): Kothari

    1) From:     StJerome at
       Subject:  Translating India: Kothari

  14.2307, Books: Translation: Lederer

    1) From:     StJerome at
       Subject:  Translation: Lederer

  14.2308, Books: Translation: Zanettin, Bernardini, Stewart

    1) From:     StJerome at
       Subject:  Corpora in Translator Education: Zanettin, Bernardini, Stewart

  14.2309, Books: Translation, Bible: Wilt (ed)

    1) From:     StJerome at
       Subject:  Bible Translation: Wilt (ed)

  14.2310, Books: Translation/Socioling, French/Eng: Harvey

    1) From:     StJerome at
       Subject:  Intercultural Movements: Harvey

  14.2311, Books: Translation: Asensio

    1) From:     StJerome at
       Subject:  Translating Official Documents: Asensio

  14.2312, Support: Psycholinguistics: PhD position, U/Muenster

    1) From:     zwitser at
       Subject:  Psycholinguistics: PhD position, University of Muenster, Germany

  14.2313, Jobs: Computational Ling: Asst Prof, U/of Washington

    1) From:     herschen at
       Subject:  Computational Linguistics: Asst Prof, University of Washington

  14.2314, Jobs: Phonetics or Computational Ling: U/Tuebingen

    1) From:     Arnim.Stechow at
       Subject:  Phonetics: Wissenschaftliche(r) Angestellte(r), U. Tuebingen, Germany

  14.2315, Jobs: English: Teacher, IOR Global Services (London)

    1) From:     edalling at
       Subject:  English Language Teachers: Teacher, IOR Global Services (London), UK

  14.2316, Jobs: General Ling: Asst Prof, Rice University

    1) From:     ling at
       Subject:  General/functional Linguistics: Asst Prof, Rice University, TX, USA

  14.2317, Jobs: Computer Science: Lecturer, U/of Sheffield

    1) From:     pdg at
       Subject:  Computer Science: Lecturer, University of Sheffield, UK

  14.2318, Jobs: Modified: French Linguist: Volt

    1) From:     v-ands <v-ands at>
       Subject:  Modified Re: 14.2262: French Linguist: Volt Computer Services, WA

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