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  14.2319, Support: PhD Scholarship:Oceanic Langs, New Zealand

    1) From:     "Elizabeth Pearce" <Elizabeth.Pearce at
       Subject:  PhD Scholarship: Oceanic Languages

  14.2320, Books: Lang Desc/Syntax, Djingili: Pensalfini

    1) From:     jmanley at
       Subject:  A grammar of Jingulu: Pensalfini

  14.2321, Books: Lexicography, Buin: Laycock, Onishi

    1) From:     jmanley at
       Subject:  A dictionary of Buin, a language of Bougainville: Laycock, Onishi

  14.2322, Books: Historical Ling, Austronesian: Evans

    1) From:     jmanley at
       Subject:  A study of valency-changing devices in Proto Oceanic: Evans

  14.2323, Books: Language Description, Bilua: Obata

    1) From:     jmanley at
       Subject:  A grammar of Bilua: Obata

  14.2324, Books: Language Description, Paiwan: Early, Whitehorn

    1) From:     jmanley at
       Subject:  One hundred Paiwan texts: Early, Whitehorn

  14.2325, Calls: Semantics/Helsinki, Finland

    1) From:     ulla.vanhatalo at
       Subject:  On the Necessity of Experimental Methods in Semantics

  14.2326, Support: Ph.D. Fellowships: Lang Technology, Sweden

    1) From:     "Robin Cooper" <cooper at>
       Subject:  Ph.D. Fellowships in Language Technology

  14.2327, FYI: Lexography

    1) From:     Gertrud Faasz <faaszgd at IMS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE>
       Subject:  Please distribute to your mailing list: Laurence Urdang Award

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